10 unique painted furniture products to beautify your home decor

In case you want to have such a big transformation to your furniture with a low budget, you can do it by having the painted furniture. Well, buying new furniture just because you are bored with the old one or you have to change the furniture because you want to redecorate the house and need a new furniture style impression is a little bit too much. It is because the price of the furniture is not cheap. Here, the best solution is to paint the furniture. Not only cheap, but you can also get the best furniture version based on your taste and need. You can have old furniture with a new look transformation to enhance your home decoration.

To have painted furniture, you don’t need to ask for professional help since you can do it yourself and it won’t be too difficult. In case you have painting skills, you can even add patterns there such as lines, floral patterns, etc. Don’t forget to also do the color combination if you think that using a single color is too simple and boring. Here we have some unique painted furniture products that can be your inspiration. You can copy the color choice or the combination that could fit your need for the decoration style.

Color Gradation

The color gradation technique is an interesting way to apply the color to the furniture. However, if you love something simple, it won’t fit your style. The color gradation will create an illusion as if the color is blending softly. Here, you should be able to choose the right colors because the matching colors will influence the result of the product.

There are two tones of purple colors applied to create gradation.

Look at how pretty this color gradation result is. It uses purple color in two different tones then is set into a gradation technique. Purple Color Gradation from @thelittlefurnitureroom

Screen shot 2024-03-08 at 11.01.13

This console table has a classic style. It is then added with the color gradation. The color choices are green and pale yellow color. Those two colors can be such a good match to blend. Green Color Gradation from @tanglewoodsue

Color Combination


This color combination represents the pastel color. The tosca and pink colors are basically the contrast color but can blend really well when being paired together. Tosca and Pink Color Combination from @florisinaforest


Coral color and white color are both neutral color that can be used for modern decoration. The colors are simple and minimalist. You can have it for the Scandinavian style also. Modern Color Combination from @nottooshabbydecor


The pattern will be functional so as not to make the design look boring. It can be possible if you have painting skills. Anyway, if you don’t have any painting skills, you can still have the pattern by simply applying lines or dots to create a simple pattern. The pattern can also be used to create a certain design style for your furniture. For example, you can have a Bohemian furniture style by painting a certain Bohemian pattern.

The drawer is painted with natural theme painting.

The drawer is painted in green color but then it is added with white color for the drawer part. The white color is made to be the background color for the painting which is in a nature theme. You can see there are flowers, foliage, and even butterflies there. Nature Theme Painting from @serendipitychicfurniture

The cupboard is in blue background color with floral pattern.

The cupboard is painted in blue color for the background. Then, it is added with a floral pattern. With the color choice and the pattern, this cupboard can have a classic impression. Floral Cupboard Pattern from @annasarthouse

Painted Drawers with Dots Technique

The pattern of this drawer is really unique. The painting is shaped with dots and lines. This one is great for the kids’ room. The technique of the painting is really artistic and aesthetic. Painted Drawers with Dots Pattern from @artsy_nest

Half Part Coloring

When you think that your furniture still has a good appearance related to its color or surface condition, then you can do the re-coloring for half part of the furniture. It can be a color combination technique that you can do to the furniture without adding more than one color there because you can still use the original color of the furniture as the combination. Here are the examples.

Green Painted Console Table

The console table is painted in green color for the part of the small drawer. Then the wider drawers on the right have a wood natural color. The green color is only added for the drawers’ frames. Painted Console Table from @thefreckled.farmhouse

Wood color table surface combined with green table leg.

The color is applied on the table leg then the table top surface is left unpainted. It has a wood color with its natural pattern to make it look aesthetic. Painted Table from @daggi_gonepaintin

Painted small console table in green and natural wood color.

The top part of the console table is made to have a natural wood color with its natural wood pattern. Then, the body of the console table is painted in green color. The color can be really perfect with the wood’s natural color that represents nature. Small Console Table from @losthighwayupcyclingco


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