Choosing grey tile for your bathroom is a no-brainer—it’s versatile and pairs well with almost any decor style. With plenty of options on the market, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious, finding the perfect grey tile can be overwhelming due to the abundance of choices.

However, fear not! There’s a grey tile out there that’s perfect for every bathroom, and we’ve taken the hassle out of the selection process by curating a list of our top picks. Keep reading to discover the endless possibilities and creative ways you can use grey tile in your bathroom.

1. Mix Up Tiles for Floors and Walls

Bathroom inspo

Adding tiles with various textures or designs can level up your bathroom’s appearance and give it more personality. Bathroom inspo from @ rockmystyleblog

Opting for grey tile can create a sophisticated monochrome aesthetic in your space. However, to avoid a dull appearance, consider using grey tiles with varying patterns on both the walls and floor. This approach adds visual interest and depth while maintaining the cohesive single-color effect. By incorporating tiles with different textures or designs, you can elevate the overall look of your bathroom and add character to the space.

2. Coordinate Your Countertops with Your Tile

Grey marble

Choosing a countertop with soft grey hues helps create a unified and harmonious vibe in your bathroom, while also adding depth and visual appeal. Grey marble from @ marmatradingbahrain

Concerned about your bathroom countertop clashing with your tile choice? No need to worry. There’s a simple solution to avoid this issue. Opt for a countertop material that incorporates hints of grey, such as marble. This type of countertop will complement your tile without appearing too matchy-matchy. By selecting a countertop with subtle grey tones, you can ensure a harmonious and cohesive look in your bathroom while adding depth and visual interest to the space.

3. Get Creative with Patterns

Gorgeous bathroom

Don’t underestimate the potential of grey tile just because it’s common—embrace its versatility and explore the myriad patterns and design options it offers to infuse your home with personality. Gorgeous bathroom from @ lindiegalloway

While grey tile may seem common and overused at times, its popularity also brings some positives. One advantage is the wide variety of fun patterns available in grey color . The patterns inject personality and style into your space, allowing you to create a distinctive look while still embracing the versatility of grey. So, don’t overlook grey tile just because it’s popular – instead, explore the exciting patterns and possibilities it offers for adding flair to your home.

4. Experiment with Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone pattern tile

The herringbone pattern provides a fresh twist on conventional tile arrangements, rejuvenating your bathroom with a modern touch while preserving the timeless allure of grey. Herringbone pattern tile from @ alexisandraaustin

Introducing a herringbone tile pattern is a fantastic way to add a twist to an otherwise standard grey tile. In this pattern, the tiles are arranged in a zigzag formation, with each tile facing a different direction. This not only creates visual intrigue but also adds a touch of preppy style to your space. The herringbone pattern offers a refreshing alternative to traditional tile layouts, breathing new life into your bathroom while maintaining the timeless appeal of grey.

5. Flaunt Your Tile Style

Herringbone tile

By opting for glass doors, you get to showcase your tile work every time you step into the shower, rather than hiding it behind a curtain. Herringbone tile from @ terranelsonhome

If you’re putting in the effort to select the perfect tile, invest in it, and install it, don’t hide it behind a shower curtain. Opt for glass shower doors instead, allowing your grey tile shower to be showcased 24/7. By choosing glass doors, you can fully appreciate the beauty of your tile work every time you step into the shower, rather than keeping it concealed behind a curtain. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom but also ensures that your hard work and investment are always on display for you and your guests to admire.

6. Experiment with Starburst Patterns

Bathroom flooring

Integrating the grey starburst pattern is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and elevate your home’s overall aesthetic. Bathroom flooring from @ berkshome

The iconic starburst pattern, originating from mid-century modern design, continues to be a popular choice for modern homes. The grey starburst pattern showcased above infuses the bathroom with a retro vibe and hints of Moroccan-inspired style. This timeless pattern adds visual interest and a touch of nostalgia to the space, making it a versatile and stylish option for contemporary interiors. Whether you’re embracing mid-century modern aesthetics or seeking to add a unique twist to your bathroom, the starburst pattern in grey is sure to make a statement and elevate the overall design of your home.

7. Experiment with Light Grey Tiles and Countertops

Grey bathroom

Pairing light grey tiles with countertops ensures a tranquil and cohesive atmosphere in your space. Grey bathroom from @ paris8designs

To achieve a modern and minimalist aesthetic in your bathroom, consider pairing large light grey floor tiles with a light grey countertop. The coordinated coloring creates a cohesive and understated look, ideal for homes with a minimalist style. This design choice fosters a sense of cleanliness and simplicity, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the space. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek contemporary vibe or seeking to maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home, this combination of light grey tiles and countertops is sure to create a serene and harmonious environment.

8. “Wood” Tile

Bathroom flooring ideas

These planking tiles offer a contemporary twist on bathroom decor, marrying the resilience of tile with the visual allure of wood. Bathroom flooring ideas from @ remodelworks

A rising trend in home improvement stores is the emergence of “wood” tiles, which offer a unique blend of traditional ceramic tile and the warmth of wooden flooring. These planking tiles provide a fresh take on bathroom decor, combining the durability of tile with the aesthetic appeal of wood. For a neutral and stylish option, consider opting for grey-toned “wood” tiles. This colorway adds a contemporary touch to your space while maintaining a sense of sophistication. Whether you’re looking to infuse your bathroom with a modern edge or seeking a versatile flooring option, grey “wood” tiles offer both style and functionality for your home.

9. Consider a Checkerboard Style


For a playful vintage vibe, consider incorporating a grey checkerboard pattern into your bathroom design. This timeless retro pattern adds a touch of charm and character, making it a perfect choice for half-baths, kids’ bathrooms, or bathrooms in pool or vacation homes. If you’re feeling creative, you can even achieve this look by painting a checkerboard pattern onto larger tiles yourself. This DIY approach allows you to customize the size and color of the tiles to suit your preferences, adding a unique and personalized touch to your bathroom decor.

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