10 Best Shoes Storage Space to Keep Your Shoes Away from Clutter

Having a collection of beautiful shoes is pleasant. You’ll have many choices to wear a pair of them to make you more confident. Still, have you ever confused to store them to look tidy? Absolutely, you need to provide space to arrange them beautifully at home. Today, we’ve presented some shoes storage space to keep your shoes away from clutter as follow.


10 Small Space Home Office Design Ideas

Generally, office is a workplace or a room to work administratively. Not only at the office, you may also need to do your overtime work at home. Surely, whatever job you do you need a computer and workspace at your home. Don’t discourage if you have no wide space in your home. You can utilize your small space to work whisc is usually called home office. How come? So, let’s check these inspirational home office ideas for you.


10 Mirror Decoration Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Beyond their practical use as an aid to personal care, proper mirrors placement will add life and luster to the neglected areas. The mirrors are ideal for reflecting light in the room, creating the illusion of texture and space, making the darker angles brighter and highlighting certain areas of your home. Adding lighting into room using mirrors are very advantageous thing, because the mirror are very versatile because it can represent any decoration style.


10 Incredible Under the Stairs Utilization Ideas to Inspire You

Every house which consists of two floors absolutely need stairs to reach the second floor at the house. Twisting staircase design may create narrow space under the staircase itself. Still, it doesn’t mean the narrow space cannot to be utilized as the storage. To optimize the space to be an utilization under the staircase, these are incredible ideas to inspire you.

Rooms that will inspire you to try with a round rugs 10-tilefeature

10 Rooms That Will Inspire You to Try with A Round Rugs

Upgrading your room with a rug is one smart move, it can change the ambiance of your room. A rug can anchor a room, emphasize it, add tenseness, and help layer a room’s decor. There is no exact rules about how about rug choosing for your room, but you have to remember on how much the floor space you have so you can avoid ‘a floating rug’ look.

10 contemporary floor lamp design ideas to inspire you 2

10 Contemporary Floor Lamp Design Ideas to Inspire You

Lighting is important matter in a house that can be obtained naturally or artificially, one source of artificial light is floor lamp. Floor lamps offer an easy-to-add lighting solution for any space even if you don’t have much room and besides that they can be gorgeous objects in themselves.

Large panel bifold

10 Easy Ways to Fill Your Apartment with Natural Light

In building apartment there are some elements are important to consider, one of them is lighting. The function of lighting is not only to illuminate the room of apartment, but also to beautify it. There are two type of lighting to fill your apartment such as artificial light sources and natural light sources . Artificial light sources is incandescant bulbs, halogen lamps, compact florescent light etc. Natural light comes from the stars and the sun. To save energy you can fill your apartment with natural light by optimizing daylight as follow:

Monochromatic pink color scheme

15 Inspiring Monochromatic Bedroom Ideas

The easiest decorating pallets to execute but can also be one of the most difficult things to do is decorating a monochromatic color scheme. A monochromatic space uses varying tints and shades of single color to great effect while mixing various textures while keep it interesting. If it’s done wrong, your space will become boring room with no variety or interest. The misconception of monochromatic scheme is that using only one hue throughout a room without variation.