22. moroccan bohemian party

Moroccan styles is reflected in it alluring interior design style and characterized by vibrant colors and exquisite furnishings. Lighting is important component of Moroccan design. It is typically handcrafted and inlaid with colorful pieces of glass such as lanterns, sconces and lamps. Moroccan design is all about the finishing touches and pays more attention to the detail.


A hall mark feature of Moroccan design is in intricate tilework that found everywhere; from floors to walls to tabletop. Traditional Moroccan tiling, also known as zillij, consist of numerous small tiles grouped together to form vibrant geometric patterns. But larger patterned tiles inspires by Moroccan mosaics that can achieve a similar look. And if you need a style to hold a party, take a look at these 15 gorgeous Moroccan bohemian party d├ęcor ideas below to inspire you.

Beautiful Bohemian Beach for Party Wedding

Beautiful bohemian beach for party wedding
Source : Pinterest

Bohemian Backyard Dinner Party

Bohemian backyard dinner party
Source : Pinterest

Bohemian Garden Party Ideas

Bohemian garden party ideas
Source : Pinterest

Bohemian Tribal Party, a Girl’s Birthday Party for the Tribe

Bohemian tribal teepee party, a girl's birthday party for the tribe
Source : Pinterest

Bohemian Wedding Table Settings Inspiration

Bohemian wedding table settings inspiration
Source : Pinterest

Boho Birthday Party in Front Yard that Inspire

Boho birthday party in front yard that inspire
Source : Pinterest

Boho Garden Party Birthday Party Ideas

Boho garden party birthday party ideas
Source : Pinterest

Boho Wedding Decor Ideas for Your Spring or Summer

Boho wedding decor ideas for your spring or summer
Source : Pinterest

Celebrating Baby with a Bohemian Picnic Party

Celebrating baby with a bohemian picnic party
Source : Pinterest

Chic Bohemian Interior Design for Party

Chic bohemian interior design for party
Source : Pinterest

Colorful Guest Table from a Boho Tribal Birthday Party

Colorful guest table from a boho tribal birthday party
Source : Pinterest

DIY Boho Style Backyard Birthday Party Bohemian

Diy boho style backyard birthday party bohemian
Source : Pinterest

End of Summer Bohemian Backyard Party

End of summer bohemian backyard party
Source : Pinterest

Pretty Bohemian Tents for Bohemian Party

Pretty bohemian tents for bohemian party
Source : Pinterest

Shares Boho-Chic Birthday Party in Backyard

Shares boho-chic birthday party in backyard
Source : Pinterest

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