Vintage mid-century modern sofa for living room

17 DIY Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid century furniture is well known as their simplicity and fine craftsmanship. Start with a piece of your room that you are lacking of with mid century furniture to incorporate this style to your space. Any starting point is a good idea, and building piece-by-piece is the best way to create a unique space. Also try to incorporate your furniture that have different heights to prevent your space from looking too uniform.

Lovely tile floor for your bathroom and kitchen

16 Lovely Tile Floor for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Installing tile in a bathroom or kitchen is hard work to do. So read this article to get some tips that will help you avoid common mistakes when installing tiles. Start with a flat floor; to embed in-floor heating mats or cables in faster way, do self-leveling. don’t forget to remove the baseboard (measurement and cuts don’t have to be precise) to make your work faster and fewer cut error tiles on the scrap tile.

Diy hack using ikea pax leaves you a place for everything

17 Amazing IKEA Hacks to Decorate on a Budget

If you want to decorate your space but only have small budget, you are coming into the right article. First of all, add color to your wall that is easy, inexpensive but it gives you an instant improvement to your space. Rather than buying a new one, consider ti rethink what you have by recycling your stuff or sell your stuff for a fresh approach to get rid of it that maybe only clutter your space. The right lighting can transform your space only with a very little cost, so choose your lighting wisely.

Beautiful and modern farmhouse bathroom design ideas

17 Beautiful and Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

Farmhouse decor style is so warm and welcoming, and it can be cool, clinical and minimal. If prefer the simplicity and cleanness of a modern style but still want to add rustic touches for welcoming warmth, modern farmhouse decor is the answer. Modern farmhouse style is a style that combine modern color schemes, shapes, and materials with the rustic warmth of untreated wood, hand-hammered metal, or clay pot. This combination shows how flexible and beautiful style can be.

Romantic king size bed with red bedding

16 Luxury Wooden King Size Bed for Your Master Bedroom

Buying bed is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider about the functions that you want. Only comfortable bed that will make you feel relaxed, healthy and pain free that you should buy for your own sake. And mattress is also having a big role as well. A good sleep influences on your productivity and mood during the day, so make sure that your bed and other furniture that you have at home is exactly what you need.

Budget backyard diy for garden

16 Low Budget DIY Garden Borderline

Working with harmony with your garden is always best and plants need little attention better. Spend time noting of the characteristics of beds and borders carefully and choose appropriate plants to match each one. Plant ahead for your garden to make no mistake by considering the scale you have selected; plot plants with their mature size in mind to be sure they will fit. Research and find inspiration in books, magazines or on the internet.

Minimalist living room with a scandinavian touch

17 Modern Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

The Scandinavian interior design and style has swept the world over with their distinct look. This style is focus on simplicity minimalism and functionality. Lighting for this style is the key for mood building illumination; candle is also a must because it adds a touch of whimsy and glow to a space. Clean lines are it in terms of furniture; sofas, tables and chairs with smooth rounded edges and natural hues.

End of summer bohemian backyard party

15 Gorgeous Moroccan Bohemian Party Decor Ideas

Moroccan styles is reflected in it alluring interior design style and characterized by vibrant colors and exquisite furnishings. Lighting is important component of Moroccan design. It is typically handcrafted and inlaid with colorful pieces of glass such as lanterns, sconces and lamps. Moroccan design is all about the finishing touches and pays more attention to the detail.

Modern outdoor living space ideas

17 Cool and Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces Design Ideas

Take some of these tips from the pros below to decorate you outdoor space without hesitation. If you have a blank wall, consider a treatment such as pergola, trellis and planting bed to transform your blank wall into a three-dimensional art piece. You can also add some complementary color tones of furniture, stone columns and patio floor to make an oasis to your outdoor space. Take the advantage of your natural terrain contours such as stone stairs that draw the eye up tp a second to add dimensions to the landscape.

Diy lovely garden decor ideas you will love

15 DIY Lovely Garden Decor Ideas You Will Love

When you think of garden, it is a place of the extension of living space. So, except the home decor, you need to think about the garden decor too. Plan your garden carefully; consider the contour of the land and what you want. Whether your garden is small or large, a good plan is a must. Just think of your garden space as a blank canvas that need to be painted that is consist of all the garden decor elements that you will include.

Stunning mosaic tiled wall for your bathroom 35

36 Stunning Mosaic Tiled Wall for Your Bathroom

Now, it is possible to easily utilize picture shower panels that dramatically alter the appearance of your bathroom. Hopefully you’ve got another bathroom, as this job will be messy and time consuming for a couple of days. You shouldn’t buy only the quantity of tile you require, as you also require a little extra for cuts, waste, breaks, and mistakes.

Half wall shower for your small bathroom design ideas 30

38 Half Wall Shower for Your Small Bathroom Design Ideas

In order to prevent this, consider installing an entirely smooth glass shower door so that it appears almost as if there’s nothing even there. Sometimes having a little bathroom works to your benefit. Doorless showers are a fantastic idea it is possible to tweak to fulfill specific style and size requirements, and give up the outdated doors and shower curtains.

Comfortable sectional sofa for your living room 26

48 Comfortable Sectional Sofa for Your Living Room

It is essential that one chooses a sofa dependent on the wear and tear which can be expected. Now, to begin with, decide where you want to put your sofa, and arrange the remaining part of the furniture accordingly. There are lots of other forms of cream leather sofa set for you to contemplate.

Beautiul log homes ideas to inspire you 44

49 Beautiul Log Homes Ideas to Inspire You

Logging refers to the custom of felling trees mainly with the intention of getting timber. The foot operated manual log splitter for example, is thought to be an apt option because you can hold the huge bit of wood with your hands as you operate the machine using your legs.