36. lovely tile floor bathroom and kitchen

Installing tile in a bathroom or kitchen is hard work to do. So read this article to get some tips that will help you avoid common mistakes when installing tiles. Start with a flat floor; to embed in-floor heating mats or cables in faster way, do self-leveling. don’t forget to remove the baseboard (measurement and cuts don’t have to be precise) to make your work faster and fewer cut error tiles on the scrap tile.

Boards are better than lines, so set it against guide boards that allow tiles to shift as you set other lines. Get a straight start on walls and consider to fasten a straight ledger to the wall to support the tiles; remove the ledger later and trim tiles to fill the gap below. Clean out the squeeze-out right away with a utility knife, a pencil or a tile spacer. Now take a look at these 16 lovely tile floor for your bathroom and kitchen below to inspire you.

Bathroom with Navy Floor Tiles

Bathroom with navy floor tiles
Source : Pinterest

Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Best bathroom flooring ideas
Source : Pinterest

Best Type of Flooring for Kitchens

Best type of flooring for kitchens
Source : Pinterest

Black and White Floor Tile Designs for Kitchen

Black and white floor tile designs for kitchen
Source : Pinterest

Brick Tiled Flooring Installed in a Remodeled Historic Kitchen

Brick tiled flooring installed in a remodeled historic kitchen
Source : Pinterest

Finest Kitchen Tile Floor with Adorable Interior Impressions

Finest kitchen tile floor with adorable interior impressions
Source : Pinterest

Floor Tile and Shower Door for Bathroom

Floor tile and shower door for bathroom
Source : Pinterest

Ideas Making Bathroom Laminate Flooring

Ideas making bathroom laminate flooring
Source : Pinterest

Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplash Tile, Wall Floor Decoration

Kitchen and bathroom backsplash tile, wall floor decoration
Source : Pinterest

Kitchen Floor Tile that Looks Like Wood

Kitchen floor tile that looks like wood
Source : Pinterest

Mexican Tile Floor and Decor Ideas for Kitchen Decoration

Mexican tile floor and decor ideas for kitchen decoration
Source : Pinterest

Our Devon Stone Floor Tiles Make a Wonderful Feature of Any Hallway or Bathroom

Our devon stone floor tiles make a wonderful feature of any hallway or bathroom
Source : Pinterest

Paint Your Linoleum or Tile Floors to Look Like Patterned Cement

Paint your linoleum or tile floors to look like patterned cement
Source : Pinterest

Patterned Kitchen Floors that Got it Right

Patterned kitchen floors that got it right
Source : Pinterest

Run Your Tile Flooring for Kitchen Decoration

Run your tile flooring for kitchen decoration
Source : Pinterest

Tile Floors to Pin if You’re Remodeling Bathroom

Tile floors to pin if you're remodeling bathroom
Source : Pinterest

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  1. Seriously these are really some amazing designs of tiles for bathroom and kitchen. liked all the images you shared. You can also add wooden touched floor pattern, such designs are in trend these days. What are your views on this?

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