35. kea hacks to decorate on a budget

If you want to decorate your space but only have small budget, you are coming into the right article. First of all, add color to your wall that is easy, inexpensive but it gives you an instant improvement to your space. Rather than buying a new one, consider ti rethink what you have by recycling your stuff or sell your stuff for a fresh approach to get rid of it that maybe only clutter your space. The right lighting can transform your space only with a very little cost, so choose your lighting wisely.


If you cannot afford to buy the new seat, update your pillows with new fabulous cushions that are one of a kind and will zip up your space instantaneously. If you want to make your space look larger, install mirror that is so cost-friendly and you can also use them to add light and shimmer to your walls. Or you can mix and match with different styles to bring elegance and personality to your space. Now take a look at these 17 amazing IKEA hacks to decorate on a budget to inspire you below.

Amazing Ikea Hacks to Decorate Bedroom

Amazing ikea hacks to decorate bedroom
Source : Pinterest

Amazing Ikea Hacks to Decorate

Amazing ikea hacks to decorate
Source : Pinterest

Ikea Hacks that Will Transform Your Home

Best ikea hacks that will transform your home
Source : Pinterest

Best Ikea Kallax Hacks to Organize Your Entire Home

Best ikea kallax hacks to organize your entire home
Source : Pinterest

DIY Hack Using Ikea Pax Leaves You a Place for Everything

Diy hack using ikea pax leaves you a place for everything
Source : Pinterest

Easy Hack Upgrades for Ikea Furniture

Easy hack upgrades for ikea furniture
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Easy Upgrades for Ikea Furniture

Easy upgrades for ikea furniture
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Extremely Stylish Ikea Hacks by Interiors Designers

Extremely stylish ikea hacks by interiors designers
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Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks

Favorite ikea kitchen hacks
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Genius Ikea Hacks for Your Inspiration

Genius ikea hacks for your inspiration
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Hack Your Ikea Products to Make Them More Useful

Hack your ikea products to make them more useful
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Ikea Hack Kitchen Cabinets as Sideboard

Ikea hack - kitchen cabinets as sideboard
Source : Pinterest

Ikea Hacks Ideas for Every Room in Your Apartments

Ikea hacks ideas for every room in your apartments
Source : Pinterest

Ikea Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

Ikea kallax kitchen island hack
Source : Pinterest

Ikea Pax Wardrobes Hacked to Look Built in

Ikea pax wardrobes hacked to look built in
Source : Pinterest

Take Two Ikea Expedit Bookcases, Frame in MDF, Paint, Attach Casters, and Bolt

Take two ikea expedit bookcases, frame in mdf, paint, attach casters, and bolt
Source : Pinterest

These Ikea Hacks Will Dominate

These ikea hacks will dominate
Source : Pinterest

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