45. apartment with natural light

In building apartment there are some elements are important to consider, one of them is lighting.  The function of lighting is not only to illuminate the room of apartment, but also to beautify it. There are two type of lighting  to fill your apartment such as artificial light sources and natural light sources . Artificial light sources is incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps, compact florescent light etc. Natural light comes from the stars and the sun. To save energy you can fill your apartment with natural light by optimizing daylight as follow:


Large Window will Bring Much Natural Light

Large window
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The existence of window in a dwell is very important. It helps the air circulation goes well. In order to maximize the use of natural light to fill your apartment, you can provide the windows on many sides of your apartment. To fill your apartment with natural light you need to provide large window. It benefits to bring so much natural light into your apartment.

Place Mirror on the Wall Strategically

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Mirror is also benefit to fill your apartment with natural light. It is because of the reflective surface of mirror that reflect the light to the other side in the room. To get the reflection of the light, you have to place the mirror strategically.

Large Panel Bifold Design Ideas for Apartment

Large panel bifold
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In an apartment, large panel bi-fold is effective. The advantage of this type of panel is more simple and also can be folded. It allows natural light into the room freely. So, all over the room will get the light well.

Ceiling is Brighter than the Wall of the Room

Ceiling brighter than wall
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Even though, the ceiling surface is not glossy but the lighter ceiling is benefit to reflect the light in the room. If you have dark wall you can apply white paint on the ceiling. It will make the room looks lighter.

Glossy Furniture to reflect the Light in Your Apartment

Glossy furniture
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When you would like to buy furniture to fill your apartment, you need to consider the best  color. You can collect your favorite furniture with glossy surface and lighter color. It helps to reflect the light in your apartment and create effect of wider space .

Nice Skylight Ideas Apartment

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Most of people love to have enough light in their apartment. Skylight can be an alternative way when you cannot provide window on the side. It is effective to bring so much light into your apartment.

Make the Room with no Bulkhead

Bulkhead room
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To optimize daylight, you need to make the room of your apartment without any bulkhead. It is because, the bulkhead can be the block for the natural light to illuminate all over the room.

Clear Space Around the Window

Clear space arround the window
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To maximize natural light into your apartment. You need to make sure there is no one object which block the the window. Avoid to place a heavy or dark furniture around the window.

Inner Courtyard Apartment Ideas to Attract Natural Light

Inner courtyard
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Inner courtyard has many benefits. It is not only to achieve the aesthetic, but also attract the natural light into your apartment. The proper light in an apartment may influences mood of the people inside.

Clean the Window of Your Apartment at least Once a Month

Clean the window
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Cleanliness can create the illusion of light and space. In the morning, when you allow the light of sunrise to come into your apartment it will make the room warm and comfortable. In addition, the clean window makes you happy and more excited. So, you have to clean your windows at least once a month.

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