Based on the preview of the most-liked home decors, in this year we try to presents some ideas for you. Transform your home decor by modifying what you already have. You can also replace the wall paint color so as it looks fresh and new. Let’s check these key looks.



1. Books as the Symbol of Knowledge and Intellectual


Placing a few books on a simple bookshelf is a smart way to beautify your home. Organize the books you already have. Even if you don’t have a large collection of books, mix it up with ornaments. Colorful Bookshelf from @shirleesshoppe

2. Gelato Color is Cute and Sweet


In a summer living room you can use a variety of different colors in the interior use. For example, you can use throw pillows in blue, white and pink. Next, also enter green plants as an additional natural color. Colorful Summer Living Room from @simple.joy.at.home


When you need a new atmosphere in your home, you can replace the paint color of the interior. The color trend this year is bright yellow which is also called gelato. It looks soft and so cute. Yellow Themed Bedroom from @mygracioushome

3. Summer Beach Themed


Blue and white is a color combination that you can use in decorating your summer beach bedroom. Both of these colors can be applied to the use of bedding and throw pillows. You can try the starfish pattern right now. White and Blue Bedroom from @beach_life_living


An easy way that you can do to present a beach theme is to use ship patterned bedding. Use a mix of blue and white to instantly bring this theme to life. That way the summer beach decoration will look brighter too. Ship Pattern Bedding from @simple.joy.at.home


One of the uniqueness of wood furniture is its fiber pattern. It can be a combination of modern and classic designs in your home. Just apply it to the use of the bathroom wall. Wooden Accent from @megs_home_edit

5. Botanical Motif Prints Bring Your Feeling to Nature


Today, many people want to return to nature. By making botanical prints in your home, it will freshen up your home and your feeling too. Indoor green plants can be added and can be obtained directly from the backyard garden. The addition of a wooden interior in this room also adds to the atmosphere of an environmentally friendly room. Botanical Vibes from @a_story_of_home

6. Add Tiered Tray Display


Watermelon is one of the fruits that can be used for summer themes. Currently you can apply it to the tiered tray theme which is dominated by plain white. Splashes of red give it a bold, eye-catching look. Sweet garland is an additional decoration that you can use. Watermelon Themed Tiered Tray from @my.simple.little.home

7. Summer Bohemian Style


Make updates to your bedroom decor by adding a summer bohemian theme. What you can do now is make macrame a colorful wall decoration. Runner rugs can be applied to the floor and you can choose them with a fairly neutral color touch. Summer Bohemian Bedroom from @patchouli.egy


Incorporate different patterns into your dining room decor, that way you can instantly bring out a summer bohemian theme. Striped tablecloths and curtains with a bohemian pattern make the room look more attractive. Green plants are natural decorations that you can use. Summer Bohemian Diningroom from @beautifulnest_by_rajni

8. Summer Kitchen Ideas


Flowers are a natural decoration that can be used as a summer theme that can be applied to your kitchen decor. Not only do flowers bloom, but you can also add floral patterns to other interior uses. The glass window is an outdoor viewing area that you can enjoy. Floral Themed Kitchen Ideas from @peony_and_fig

9. Tropical Pattern in Dinning Room


Tropical motifs are cheerful and cool. Many people place decorative plants and tropical motifs in the bathroom and near the window. It looks so fresh and homey. Tropical Vibes Wall Bathroom from @carasavenwalldesign


The tropical wallpaper theme that is applied to this living room decoration gives a natural impression that will never fail. Perfect it by using checkerboard tile floor for a blend of patterns that make the room look more alive. The two will work well together. Tropical Wallpaper Livingroom from @leosoysterbar

10. Craft Textures to Create Irresistible Room


In this year, craft textures are also in trend to make your home comfortable. Usually the craft is made of bamboo or rattan. You can use wicker rattan plates as a never-failing wall decor. Rattan Wicker Plate for Wall Decor from @lifestylinghaven

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