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10 Tiny Furniture Ideas for Your Balcony

Colorful pallets

Balcony is one of the spots in the house to seek inspiration, enjoy a cup of tea or just casually chat with family and friends.  For those who have small terrace, you need to find the right furniture for it. The furniture should not only can satisfy your everyday relaxation but also be a good decoration thus space-saving and dedicate dimension is important.

  1. Folding Table

Folding table

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Folding table is the best furniture to maximize your tiny balcony. It used as a serving surface to supplement your outdoor dining table when entertaining your guests.

2. Swing Up Your Hammocks


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Improve your balcony to a resort-worthy retreat with piled high with cushions and pillows and a hammock. It’s easier to imagine yourself on a vacation in the coziness of your balcony when you’re lying on your hammocks.

3. L- Shaped Bench

L chair

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Especially if you have a narrow – angular balcony, you can use geometry to your advantage with an L-shaped bench. You can even create your own L-shaped bench from leftover crates for a rustic alternative.

4. Pillow Talk


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Put a soft mattress or cushions for a cozy reading corner.

5. Light Up Your Balcony

Light up

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Your mini balcony doesn’t need lighting but it requires a bright practical and functional solution. Use LED lights, they are small, eco-friendly and can save your bill. Beside LED lights, candles are also a great way to bring a bright, warm touch to the balcony.

6. Bring Your Green Thumbs

Green thumbs

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Feel the fresh air from your oxygen producers. Vertical planters and hanging pots can save space of your small balcony.

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7. Rainbow on Your Balcony

Colorful pallets

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Recycle some pallets or old tires to make a fancy colorful balcony.

9. Play with Pattern


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You can add some pattern to live up your balcony. Choose a good outdoor rug or if you want to feel natural, you can use fake grass potty.

10. Outdoor Curtain


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Outdoor curtains create an elegant, flowing look because they move in the breeze, letting sunlight into the room and can give you a personal space.

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