Kitchen is the heart of every home. Create a chef-worthy space that is on a budget by incorporating your kitchen stylish ideas will make your kitchen look so expensive.


1. Add Beautiful Lighting Fixtures


To boost your kitchen lighting, add a statement pendant or filament light bulb that will surely make your kitchen look different than before. Statement Pendant Lighting from @studiodearborn


Using lantern lighting is an easy way for those of you who want to quickly get a vintage kitchen look. Apart from creating a vintage look, lantern lighting can also make your kitchen look luxurious because most of the ingredients are made of glass. Vintage Look Lantern Lighting from @marinalibermaninteriores


You can also use pendant lighting to make your kitchen atmosphere more luxurious, adjust the color of the pendant lighting with the color of the kitchen to make it more harmonious. Give a layer of gold on the inside of the pendant lighting to make it look more luxurious, don’t hesitate to use two or three lights to get maximum lighting. Triple Pendant Lighting from @lovecoataliving


Hanging glass lighting is another way to make your kitchen look more luxurious. Use hanging glass lighting with a large size so that light can spread to all corners of the room, combine hanging glass lighting with gold pipes to make it look more luxurious. Hanging Glass Lighting from @thestagedlife


You can try warm and dramatic lighting in the kitchen decoration section. Now you can try using a string light bulb that can be hung right above the kitchen island you are using. This lighting has a vintage touch. String Bulb Lighting from @hars_painting_llc

2. Clear Your Fridge Door


Clearing your fridge will give your kitchen a cleaner and crisper appearance that will make your space look more expensive. Stay your fridge away from postcards, drawings, photographs, and colorful fridge magnets collected from around the world. Stainless Steel Fridge from @dreamkitchensmi


Replace your old fridge with a newer and more modern one. This is done to display a luxurious kitchen decoration without going overboard. The design of the fridge which is dominated by stainless steel material displays an expensive design that you can apply right now. Upgrade Your Fridge from @shopcerritos

3. Declutter Your Worktop


Go as minimalist as you can on your kitchen’s surface. Get rid of any cooking utensil, shopping list and else. Hidden shelves are better to keep your clutter away. Clean Countertop Area from @_mikitchen_


Keep the countertop area neat by using a cabinet to store the items you need and using a ceramic counter top so that the kitchen always looks clean. Besides that, the use of a ceramic counter top can also make your kitchen look luxurious and elegant. Clean Up the Countetop Area from @trendspanarna


Give color to your white kitchen by using wood accents on the counter top. You can also add pull-out drawers to the kitchen set area, don’t forget to give a final touch in the form of transparent paint to the wooden counter top to make it look luxurious and shiny. Minimizing Countertop Clutter from @ofhomeandhappiness


The countertop area can be left blank so that it can be used optimally. There is no need to put excessive ornaments on this countertop area to keep it looking clean and shiny. Floating shelves become an open storage area that you can use directly. Empty Countertop Area from @wnetrzablog

4. Flirt With Flower


To add a fresh touch and elegant look, pretty plants and flowers are a good option. And plus, they make your kitchen smell lovely. Blooming Flowers from @huslyftet


If you still have space left on the countertop, there’s nothing wrong if you add flowers on it. Use a glass vase to make the kitchen look more modern and luxurious. Flower with Vase Bowl from @homedesignbyana


The selection of the right flowers will affect the appearance of the kitchen, so tulips are one of the flowers that many people often use to get a luxurious and beautiful kitchen decoration, pink tulips are flowers that are very elegant when placed in your kitchen area. Pink Tulips Vase from @i.tam.i.tu


Roses are also one of the choices of many people to make the kitchen look more romantic and luxurious. By placing a few sprigs of roses in a vase in the kitchen area, you can get natural freshness every time. Blooming Rose Vase from @kavalierchen

5. Update Cupboard Handles


Another way to give an instant touch to make your kitchen look elegant is by replacing cupboard handles. You can try to go for a sleek cooper or a rustic wooden touch. Cooper Cabinet Handles from @marathonhardware


Replace the old cabinet handle with a newer and modern one, of course. You can choose it with stainless steel material which has a more shiny surface when exposed to reflected light or sunlight entering the room, use more than one so you can make it a new look. Modern Cabinet Handles from @buildmykitchen

6. Add Art


Adding a piece of art like in the picture above can work wonders and make your kitchen look more stylish and expensive. Traditional Paintings Framed from @buildingutah


Adding sculptural ornaments to the kitchen area will certainly make the display more valuable. You can buy this sculptural art in large quantities to be applied to several parts of the kitchen area as a whole. Clay Sculpture from @manon.home.deco


Don’t let your kitchen decor look plain and boring, because now you can put two to three fruit paintings with a vintage touch. You can place this fruit painting on the countertop and floating shelf area. Fruit Painting with Vintage Frames from @busolaevans


Don’t let your kitchen wall decor look plain and boring, now you can put a canvas painting with splashes of bold paint colors that come in a variety of different color tones to make the kitchen room look livelier and of course add to the artistic value of the room. Bold Color Canvas Painting from @pauline_chardin

7. Interior Kitchen With Copper


Adding a touch of cooper color to the use of this vintage pendant lighting is a cool part that you can do in your kitchen decor. This Cooper material will look more luxurious and shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lighting it produces. Cooper Kitchen Lighting from @thestagedlife


Not only in the use of lights, but you can also use cooper materials in the double basin sink design which will add color to the room while at the same time being able to accommodate quite a lot of dirty kitchen equipment. Cooper Basin Sink from @devolkitchens


The touch of gold in the use of this cabinet handle has a different color that is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Repaint the kitchen cabinets in a dark color like navy blue to provide a color contrast that is quite eye-catching. Gold Handle Cabinet Kitchen from @greenremodeling


You can try a touch of gold in some of the accessories in the kitchen decor. For example, you can try it on the pots, hanging lighting, and ornaments that can be placed on the floating shelf area. Shades of white and blue become an elegant and modern color combination. Gold Accent Kitchen Accessories from @reny_interiors


Add some stools in the kitchen decor with a touch of gold so they can be used comfortably and are multifunctional. Apart from that, this color can instantly add to the color tone of the room to present a luxurious style that is not excessive. Sleek Gold Stool Kitchen from @envisionredesign

8. Add A Stylish Backsplash


To give your kitchen a new lease of life, give a new backsplash that is inexpensive but gives your kitchen an expensive look. Choose a brightly colored backsplash or one with an interesting pattern to make a bold statement. Marble Backsplash Ideas from @melvanddesign


Repaint your backsplash decoration with a bright yellow color so that it can be used as a new focal point. This painting can be done by yourself according to the budget you have. Yellow Paint Backsplash from @piquuk


The appearance of a luxurious kitchen can be applied to the use of a geometric backsplash with a choice of bright blue. This tile is ready to be used as a new focal point that you can try right now, also combine it with the use of a modern style kitchen cabinet as well so that it can work well together. Geometric Tile Backsplash from @studiophoem


The white nuance that dominates this kitchen decoration is perfected by using a terrazo backsplash. This tile with a terrazzo pattern can also be applied to the overall use of the kitchen floor. Terrazo Backsplash from @better.homes.studio

9. Welcome A Wine Fridge Kitchen


A wine fridge or wine rack is sure to add class and elegance to your kitchen. You can also use your empty wall space to build a rack where you can display your favorite wine if you don’t have any space in your cabinetry. Wine Fridge Kitchen from @dreamvie_


In order for your wine to cool automatically, you can provide a special fridge in the kitchen area for the wine area. This vertical shaped wine fridge is put in a cabinet so it looks more luxurious, neat and orderly. Vertical Shaped Wine Fridge from @_bespokecabinetry


The expensive kitchen is equipped with a wine fridge in it. Now you can apply it to the kitchen island so that the use of furniture in this kitchen room can have multiple functions. Also add two wooden stools as a sitting area. Built-in Wine Fridge from @stritchkelly


The part of the kitchen cabinet that has been converted into a wine fridge is a smart idea that you can do for an attractive appearance in your kitchen decor. This wine fridge produces drinks that are automatically cold so you don’t need additional ice cubes. Cabinet Wine Fridge from @bostoncounters

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