Upgrading your room with a rug is one smart move, it can change the ambiance of your room. A rug can anchor a room, emphasize it, add tenseness, and help layer a room’s decor. There is no exact rules about how to choose rug for your room, but you have to remember on how much the floor space you have so you can avoid ‘a floating rug’ look.


1. Circle Rug for Your Entryway


As well as adding a warm vibe to entryway decor, a rug with a rounded design has a soft texture that will create a more comfortable foot surface. Just choose and use it with a choice of neutral colors so that it can be combined with any swing made of anything. Knitted Round Shaped Rug from @woven.is


Paired with a black matte console table, a round rug with a 3D checkerboard pattern makes the entryway feel wider. Place the rug next to the console table for a balanced look and a neutral floor accent. A round rug in an interesting color or pattern can immediately set the design tone for your home. 3D Checkerboard Rug from @designerrugs

2. Warming The Living Room


To warm the living room, you can use neutral colors for the rug. Try to get at least part of the furniture pieces in your sitting area to touch the rug in order that the rug’s curved edges don’t look odd as they don’t get enough of the furniture pieces to rest on top. Neutral Color Rug from @interiordesignlovers

3. Nautical Atmosphere


A round rug in a small room helps the room look bigger. Choose a rug made from jute with natural finish and add blue and white as the main color scheme, then complete it with some nautical themed accessories. Nautical Vibes Dining Room Rug from @nourison


The marble pattern that is applied to this round rug has splashes of blue and white which are suitable for presenting a nautical theme. These two colors will work well together in the same room. Blue and White Marble Rug from @designmanitoba

4.  Nursery Rug Design


Place the spherical rug at the center of the room as the main focus. Choose a size that is not too large so it doesn’t make the room smaller. Small Nursery Rug Ideas from @_homebirds_

5. Relaxing Nook


After a hard day’s work, find peace and relaxation with a foot massage on your plush carpet. Leather chairs are a good choice to complement your reading nook while relaxing. Striped Rug for Reading Nook Area from @anita.mackenzie

6. Catching the Rainbow


You can have a rug round with a splash of rainbow pastel colors right now to cover a neutral colored wooden floor. For the color of the throw pillows, you can match them with the use of rug colors so they can work well together in the same room. Pastel Rainbow Round Rug from @bluepracownia


Bored with the common circular design rug? Why don’t you try popping up your room with a colorful rug? it’s make your room look fancy. Bold Color Round Rug from @theelectricpenguin

7. Cozy Bedroom


Place your rug a little underneath your bed as an ‘intermediary’ to your bed. Just choose and use a rug with bold color choices like yellow so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Little Rug Under Bed from @jimmiemartin


It’s a good idea to choose and use a round shaped rug with a large enough size so that it can be used as a warm footwear as well. The rug used has a contemporary look that will never fail to be tried this year, just choose a neutral color to make it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. Big Rug Under Bed from @contemporary.rugs

8. Breakfast Area


Complete the look of your breakfast room area with a rug made of natural hemp which of course has a splash of neutral color. Dining tables and chairs made of wood are a combination that will never fail to present a beach or nautical theme. Natural Material Rug from @zdesignathome


Round rug with a table design that has the same shape too? Yes you can!! It’s like barring off which area is the focus of the room. It all comes down to sizing the rug correctly and creating a cohesive flow with your accessories and furniture line. Checkerboard Rug from @alisonroseny

9. Outdoor Rug


There’s nothing wrong with using rugs in outdoor areas to add to the elegant atmosphere. Use a round rug with a bohemian pattern dominated by a combination of black and white. Add greenery around it for natural decoration. Outdoor Rug Design from @tania_mama_alamoda

10. Kitchen Rug


If you want a comfortable accessory, this soft and smooth textured rug is perfect for your child to do cooking activities in the kitchen. Best placed on the floor in a small kitchen, bringing visual interest to your outdoor area. Neutral Color Rug from @rugufo

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