10 shocking recycling ideas for shipping wood pallets

To create a furniture piece to fulfill the demand in your home or to create a wall art for the decoration purpose, pallets are great one. Pallet is inexpensive and easy to find.


1. Pallet Bottle Rack

Pallet bottle rack 1

This idea is awesome ways to store the bottles and the place available over the bottle placement area can be used for placing the decorative items.

2. Pallet Made Closet

Pallet made closet 1

There are multiple square boxes to store your items. The closet is tall so the upper storage area can be used to store your unused item.

3. Recycled Pallet Bed

Recycled pallet bed 1

This project will make your space look different as serves as more than one purpose; a bed with the awesome look and the drawers or storage.

4. Wooden Pallet Couch

Wooden pallet couch 1

The wooden pallet couch is painted white and the back of the couch is created keeping in mind a unique design. You can put this couch on your patio or even lounge.

5. Wooden Pallet Bar

Wooden pallet bar 1

Here is a proper bar to organize the bottles and getting a special drinking area with a fix place for glasses and the area below the bottle placement area is free to store anything linked or not linked to drink.

6. Wooden Pallet Shelving Art

Wooden pallet shelving art 1

This wooden pallet shelving art is going to present you not just to fulfill the shelving requirement, it is also serves as wall art that will turn your boring look of an area to look more attractive and easy to copy.

7. Wood Pallet Wall Art

Wood pallet wall art 1

There is no need to buy the expensive wall arts from the market when you can create one like this at home. Just cut the pallet into small square boxes and paint them according to your taste and surroundings.

8. Pallet Wall Art

Pallet wall art 1

Half of the wall is covered with the pallets to place the decoration pieces which is great to adorn the area well.

9. Wood Pallet Sliding Door

Wood pallet sliding door 1

Pallet can work outstanding when they are utilized to fulfill an expensive requirement like this sliding door project. It is so simple to make and also can save a huge amount of money.

10. Wood Pallet Patio Furniture

Wood pallet patio furniture 1

This sober looking and easy to make patio furniture is best to fulfill the seating requirement.


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