Every house which consists of two floors absolutely needs stairs to reach the second floor at the house. A twisting staircase design may create a narrow space under the staircase itself. Still, it doesn’t mean the narrow space cannot be utilized as storage. To optimize the space to be a utilization under the staircase, these are incredible ideas to inspire you.

1. Book Storage Inside the Stairs

1 book storage inside the stairs

The staircase in the picture is designed for two purposes. First, the function of the step facilitates you to reach the second floor. Second, space utilization is very useful to store a lot of books inside.

2. Cabinet Under the Stairs

2 cabinets-under-the-stairs

Space utilization under the staircase is not only beneficial for storage but also to beautify your home. You can see the white cabinet in the picture is so simple and elegant.

3. Closet Drawer Under the Stairs

3 closet-drawers-under-the-stairs

If you need to hang your coat or jacket when you are home. It can be a nice idea to use the space under the staircase to be a mini wardrobe.

4. Dishes and Tableware Storage Under the Stairs

4 dishes-and-tableware-storage-under-the-stairs

If you have many collections of dishes and tableware at home, it’s best idea to store them under the stairs. It will make your home looks clean and well-organized.

5. Home Office Corner Under the Stairs

5 home-office-corner-under-a-staircase

It’s a good idea for you who do have not many rooms in your home. You can utilize the space under the stairs to be a cute home office.

6. Library Under the Stairs

6 library-under-the-stairs

The mini library design is suitable for those who love reading. Placing some classical books and two chairs will make it more elegant. You can enjoy reading with your couple or friends here.

7. Open Shelves and Cabinet Under the Stairs


Open shelves and cabinets are a combination of two functions. On the open shelves, you can place some beautiful ceramics, while on the cabinet you can store other stuff inside.

8. Open Shelving and Drawers Under the Stairs

8 open-shelving-and-drawers

The collection of family photographs at home is an interesting view. You can use the space under the stairs to display them. It will give you pleasure in feeling homey.

9. Reading Nook Under The Stairs

9 reading-nook-under-the-stairs

Imagine that you are reading book in a cozy place at noon. Reading nook design will fulfill your wish. Place comfortable sofa and many pillows here to enjoy reading time.

  1. Wine Storages Under the Stairs
10 wine-storage-under-the-stairs

In utillizationing the space under staircase is also good idea to store your favorite wines. To make it looks like professional, you need to add transparent glass in this design.

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