Beyond their practical use as an aid to personal care, proper mirrors placement will add life and luster to the neglected areas. The mirrors are ideal for reflecting light in the room, creating the illusion of texture and space, making the darker angles brighter and highlighting certain areas of your home. Adding lighting into room using mirrors are  very advantageous thing, because the mirror are very versatile because it can represent any decoration style.

1. Simple at Its Best


Decorating a room with mirrors, start simple. It is functional as well as always manages to add a better atmosphere in the room to become a great decoration item. Minimalist Mirror from @dailybathroomdesign

2. Brighten Up Your Entrance


The large round mirror applied to this entryway serves as a wall decoration. This mirror accent sheet can give a bright and spacious home look.  Round Mirror Entryway from @smalltownstyleme


Hanging a mirror at the entrance of this house can give the illusion of a spacious and airy space. A touch of wood will also provide a natural accent to this entryway decoration.  Wood Mirror Entryway from @inmod


In the entryway of this house, you can add mirror tile accents that will welcome your guests with an attractive appearance. This mirror also acts as an illusion of a wide and bright space.  Mirror Tile Entryway from @uandidesigns

3. At the Dining Room


The large mirror placed on the dining room wall manages to create the illusion of a spacious and bright space. Combined with the white color scheme, it also gives the appearance of a spacious and bright home. Mirror Wall Tile from @shelfordplot255


On one of the walls of this dining room you can add a large mirror which will give a charming appearance. The touch of gold on this mirror also gives a charming home look. Mirror Wall DIning Room from @sqftinteriorsofficial


This antique mirror that is installed in the dining room is a simple idea to brighten up the room. Having this antique frame will also reinforce the vintage style to the whole room.  Antique Mirror Dining Room from @jandfinteriors

4. Mirror Wall Tiles


This mirror wall tile is able to give the impression of a spacious and bright room. Placing one of these entryway walls can also be the perfect centerpiece.  Mirror Tile Wall from @interiorbyenz


This large mirror file can be the center of attention of many people. Placed in this living room can produce a bright and spacious room. Large Mirror Wall from @decorhold

5. The More The Merrier


These antique mirrors of various shapes and sizes provide charming designs for you to try. Choosing this vintage frame also gives a perfect look.  Antique Wall Mirror from @becky.cunningham.home


This distressed wood frame mirror in several sizes manages to give a charming home look. This discount lamp will also give a dramatic look.  Disstresed Mirror Frame from @brandongalik


Some of the mirrors that hang on the walls of this staircase have different sizes and shapes. This mirror idea can be the perfect centerpiece.  Several Mirror Frame from @deseret_industries


Mirrors of various shapes and sizes with a touch of gold can produce attractive home decorations. These mirror accents will also brighten up the entire room.  Gold Mirror Frame from @cavendishlane

 6. Door to Somewhere


Utilizing an empty door by adding mirror accents is an effective step to make the most of light. Modern Mirror Door from @alleghenymillworklumber


The mirror placed at the door is a welcome sight for guests as it reflects light and opens up a dark entrance. In addition, this mirror gives the impression of a spacious and airy room. Mirror Door from @_becjade


Placing a mirror at the bedroom door is a very good idea, it gives the illusion of a spacious and bright space. This door mirror reflects light and makes your room look more attractive. Miror Door Bedroom from @finnkoti

7. Bathroom Chic


Mirror and bathroom complement each other. Apart from saving space, it makes your bathroom memorable. The placement of this hanging mirror in the bathroom does not cover the light source, but functions as well as a light reflector. bathroom Mirror from @lacasadeloscuadros

8. Mirrored Headboard


The antique mirror used on this headboard is able to give a charming appearance. This antique mirror frame in gold color gives a perfect look. Antique Mirror Headboard from @notion_decor


A mirror headboard is an elegant addition to your bedroom and can serve as a focal point for the design of your bedroom. Mirror Headboard from @plot.twist.interiors


This large headboard mirror gives the illusion of a spacious and bright space. This mirror can be the perfect centerpiece. Large Mirror Headboard from @awinteriors.me

9. The Bigger The Brighter


The large mirror on the wall of this house can give the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Using this black frame can give a charming appearance. Large Mirror Wall from @kissmypampas


Large mirrors are typically the best way to reflect the most light into a space, particularly if you want to make it look bigger as well as brighter. Think carefully about the angle of the room you want to reflect –place the mirror adjacent to a window to perfectly catch the angle of light and bounce it throughout the room. Arch Mirror Wall from @gthwoodworks

10. Garden Mirror


Hang your vintage mirror on this garden wall to give your home the perfect look. Pair it with some greenery for a natural design. Antique Mirror Garden from @aldgatehome


Adding this garden mirror will enhance the appearance of your garden. Placed on the floor and choosing a large mirror is also able to provide a perfect design. Garden Mirror from @aldgatehome

A mirror increasing a sense of space and reflecting light in more shady corners or enhance a visually stunning garden design. things you have to remember when placing mirror in your garden are: make sure the mirrors will not cause any harm to birds or other wildlife and Never place the mirrors in direct sunlight, it can caused fires.

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