Generally, office is a workplace or a room to work administratively. Not only at the office, you may also need to do your overtime work at home. Surely, whatever job you do you need a computer and workspace at your home. Don’t discourage if you have no wide space in your home. You can utilize your small space to work which is usually called home office. How come? So, let’s check these inspirational home office ideas for you.

  1. Understairs Space
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If you live in a small house, under stair is a suitable place for your home office. This time you can use a wooden desk and floating shelves to make it look attractive and successful in presenting an earthy look. Wooden Furniture from @stephannielancaster

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This home office is located in the under stair area so it is very space saving but can still function properly. Here you can use a desk that is equipped with lots of drawers so that it will be a desk as well as a practical storage idea. Minimalist Design from @jjwhome

1 31391139_892993254206081_7707101083599896576_n

The area under the stairs is a suitable place to create a home office in a small house. This time you can use the letter L desk so it will look wide without taking up a lot of space. Equipped with floating shelves will make it a perfect storage idea. Under stairs Space from @mrs.lewis.home

  1. Double Desk
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Take a look at this home office! It uses a double desk desk so it can be used by more than one person. Apart from that, this desk is also equipped with a drawer as a storage idea so it is very practical. Industrial Double Desk from @sr.vainilla

5 snapinsta.app_32718384_589390348112055_8372986559699353600_n_1080

This is a very creative double desk design to place your computer and stationery. You may also need to file your documents and printed books to keep them looking tidy. This design suits your needs because there is a drawer at the bottom of the table. Wooden Double Desk from @sr.vainilla

2 28429719_836623909854947_6005966946854502400_n

Using a double desk for home office ideas is the perfect choice. The reason is that this desk can be used for two people without having to take up a lot of space. Double Desks from @louispoulsen

  1. Corner Space
6 snapinsta.app_277894396_171715858545808_7522925048366394877_n_1080

When you still have enough space in the corner of your bedroom, you can make it your personal workspace. Maximize space by designing an L letter table and shelves. Letter L desk from @the_masons_home

7 snapinsta.app_279454178_741176480379778_4550243440993537277_n_1080

When you only have a small room, using a corner to build a home office is the perfect idea. Here you only need a desk that is equipped with storage ideas and also a chair so that it is simpler and still comfortable. Corner Home Office from @homebyemma_

3 327717839_547992190761645_7612606985722153001_n

Utilizing corner space to build a home office is the perfect idea. Here you can use the letter L desk so it is perfect for a small home office in your home. Corner Space from @saltybespokeinteriors

  1. Foldable Table
8 snapinsta.app_132985515_583039185881061_7093099746681833018_n_1080

A foldable desk is a perfect choice for a small home office. The reason is that it can be tidied up and folded when it is not in use so that it will leave a lot of space for activities. White Folded Table from @mediodesign

9 snapinsta.app_122044760_2822459547998079_7997273417803417860_n_1080

Speaking of small home offices, using a foldable desk is the perfect idea. The reason is, this foldable desk can be folded when it’s not in use so it’s very space saving. Functional Foldable Desk from @raj_furniture_pune

4 106165272_1847409635399062_3046953276843923558_n

If you only have a small home office, this time you can use a foldable desk. With this, you can fold it when it’s not in use and it will make your space look more spacious. Foldable Table from @bythedesk

  1. Simple Home Office
10 snapinsta.app_331810616_162252753332164_8903502379565429704_n_1080

This small home office has a minimalist design making it perfect for small spaces. A slim desk with a bedside table on the right and left succeeds in making your small home office very proper. Simple Furniture from @jensingerdenverrealtor

11 snapinsta.app_322255489_5554569108004576_1074700966451064368_n_1080

Take a look at this small home office! Having white tones will give the impression of a clean space and is perfect for small spaces. Floating shelves would be the perfect storage idea because they don’t take up much space. White Nuance from @detroitsrealtorkashmira

5 136963600_2963467487219065_2275838890325607732_n

Take a look at this small home office! Having a white color theme will give a clean and polished look. Wooden desk with a simple design so it will look simple but still function properly. Simple Furniture from @raisethebarrealestate

  1. Portable Design
12 snapinsta.app_312653470_1735216886859862_398319812107099588_n_1080

To make a comfortable home office, you don’t have to design it permanently. Sometimes, you need to be moved your desk to other sides or rooms. So, you can create this portable home office for you. Modern Furniture from @throughthegreydoor

13 snapinsta.app_332197990_118972861112643_4193149573723044316_n_1080

This small home office uses a portable desk so it looks simple and perfect. Because it will be very easy to move to any space. Vintage Furniture from @ourhebehome

6 195886679_1009655702905188_8323582061806315841_n

Choosing to use portable furniture is the perfect idea for the home office. Because it will be easier to move wherever you want. A desk with wheels underneath would be the perfect choice. Portable Design from @movo_movableoffice

  1. Two Purposes of a Design
14 snapinsta.app_335518630_175152441955806_4506153971537227741_n_1080

This desk is the perfect choice! The reason is that it is equipped with drawers and open shelves at the bottom. So besides being a desk it can also work as a storage idea in your home office. Desk with Drawers from @obaratissimo

7 34116626_224732571448379_9088141169019322368_n

This Wooden Desk has a shelf underneath so it will make it very multifunctional. Besides being a desk, it will also provide practical storage ideas. While the stool can function as a stool. Two Purposes of a Design from @sugar_lane

  1. Multifunction Cabinet
15 snapinsta.app_154684128_134848641853870_2429644371930460148_n_1080

It similar to the previous ideas that is a design with two purposes and functions. The hinge is solid enough to support the board to be a desk. Otherwise, it functions to close the board to be a cabinet. White small cabinet from @boconcept_ireland

16 snapinsta.app_225573702_883005935627838_7884727974707194062_n_1080

This desk attached to the wall will never fail for a small home office. The reason is that it can function as a cabinet as well as a desk. In addition, this desk can also be folded so it is very space saving. Wall Mounted Desk from @tangkulaofficial

8 166001865_1389988951336666_8598400854412092245_n

Look at these vintage cabinets! This cabinet is equipped with a folding desk so that it will be very multifunctional. Apart from being a storage idea it will also be a comfortable desk for working in your home office. Multifunction Cabinet from @thistlekeylane

  1. Adorable Room
17 snapinsta.app_204568901_332428148326083_2305469695799468502_n_1080

The design of combining a desk with shelves is a clever idea for creating a cute home office in a small space. Look at the picture above, apart from combining shelves and desks, they can also be folded and tidied up so that it will make your room looser. Black Cabinet from @vogue_product

  1. Portable Shelves
18 snapinsta.app_131445213_974622876715889_4462974382590226815_n_1080

To maximize the utilization of small space in your home, you need a special design to place computer, files, and books in one set. The design on the picture is also portable to be moved everywhere you want. It’s so efficient to use small space. Portable Shelves from @kint_interjeras

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