Nowadays bathroom not only serves as a place to clean up your body, but also as a to unwind. This is like having a sanctuary for relaxation. For that matter the lighting in the bathroom is an important thing to note. Bathroom activities will not comfortable without being supported by proper lighting.


Warm Yellow


The use of minimalist-style lights make the atmosphere in the bathroom becomes not excessive. The combination of gold color with marble motifs featuring a warm but luxurious atmosphere.

Relax in Style


Beautiful crystal chandeliers can give lavish impression in the room. Soft hue on walls and bathroom furnitures, making this room feel light.

Natural Light


The bathroom exploit natural light very well. The white color of the main bathroom elements help reflects artificial light from smaller flush-mounting lights when there is no natural light.

Twice Better


In a small bathroom without natural light, a brilliant move you can do is to multiply the light. Wall lights can be used to save space, or it can also be with a hanging lamp.

Spa Way


Present a spa atmosphere in your home with this lovely metalic beads chandelier. Your body will thank to you.

Ticket To Morocco


A Moroccan-style bathroom makes you think of a spa and a wonderful relaxing experience in the summer. Installation of hanging lamp make it spread and reflect the light off the blue and white tiles, making the room brighter.

Read and Relax


What better than relax in a hot tub with a good book and a glass of wine in the end of the day?

Warm and Glow


This bathroom reminds us of a warm and cheerful 80s year. The copper finished sconces really brings out the warm glow of paint colors on the walls.

Cooling Down


Integration of matte finished materials and shiny ones is not an easy thing, for that game of light must be considered. For rooms with lots of textures, the bulbs and wattage play a role in keeping them cool and fused.

Shape Up


Using rectangular sconces above the round mirror creates a visual interest in the focal point of the room.


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