Bedroom is one of the very special spaces in a dwelling. Its function is to help you get quality rest. Even sometimes, the design and decoration of a bedroom can reflect your character. Are you a person who likes adorable bedroom decoration? Especially for you girls, if you’re looking for an idea to decorate your bedroom to be more adorable and make you feel good about your room. And now you are going to get them below.


Apply Wallpapers


Give a different look to a teenage girl’s bedroom decor by installing wallpaper on the surface of the arched wall so that it is more textured. The wallpaper pattern that is used has a touch of gold which will look more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Arched Wallpaper from @mennarefaat.interiordesign


Have you ever imagined falling asleep under a shady tree at noon? Enjoying fresh air and bird’s song is so nice to have. To create this imagination, you can stick the cute wallpaper on the headboard and vintage bedding on the bed. It keeps you comfortable with this decoration while sleeping at night. Forest Vibes Wallpaper from @circu_magical_furniture


It’s time to install floral patterned wallpaper in the girls’ bedroom decor. You can choose only pastel colors to give a calm and pleasant impression to the decoration of this room. The floral pattern used on this wallpaper is also ready to be used as a room statement. Floral Pattern Wallpaper from @brunacaldeira.arq

Canopy for Cozy Sleep


To add texture to the decoration of the girl’s bedroom, you can use a canopy frame made of iron which has been repainted in a solid black color. The material used is also stronger and not easily porous. Black Iron Canopy Bedroom from @thelivedinlook

Wall Accents


Actually, this is a simple concept and soft color to have an adorable bedroom. You just need to emphasize on the wall accents so that your bedroom will be more lively and beautiful.. Soft Color Wall Accent from @islandgal_5homedecor

Incorporate a Natural Touch


The addition of blooming flowers in this girl’s bedroom decoration is able to present a feminine theme that you can try to apply using some of the vases that you have. This flower can be obtained in the garden area for free without having to buy. Add Flower Vase from @annalysejacobs


An indoor plant that is placed in the corner of the bedroom is able to instantly bring natural nuances into the room. Try to use plants that can develop well even if they don’t get a touch of direct sunlight. Corner Indoor Plants from @wallpops

Statement Headboard


Statement headboard with this carved design also plays an important role in decorating your bedroom. The use of intricate patterned wallpaper and a vintage chair placed right next to the bed will make your bedroom look even cuter. Wooden Headboard Carving from @fleurwardinteriordesign


For decorating the little girl bedroom, you can use a different interior. For example, you can use a cute headboard design complete with ear accents on both sides to make it look like Mickey Mouse. Cute and Unique Shaped Headboard from @olivekidscorner


This textured headboard design with velvet material has cute pink splashes that you can apply to your girl’s bedroom decor. Strawberry throw pillows make this room style more unique, fun and funnier. Textured Velvet Headboard from @troppotroop


This bunny headboard design has a cute look that you can try to decorate a girl’s bedroom. White and brown are a mix of colors that blend perfectly. The right addition of lighting makes the room brighter all day long. Bunny Headboard from @sinestesia.mx

Sharing Girls Bedroom


Take advantage of the attic area for decorating the girl’s bedroom so that it is free from noise from outside the room. Dominating white shades make the room look more spacious and open. Skylights make a room feel brighter and reduce humidity thereby minimizing odors. Attic Sharing Bedroom from @sklep_mamaania


The touch of pastel colors that are applied to the girls sharing bedroom decoration is the right color tone choice. The colors that you can apply in this room are gray, pink and white pastels. Pastel Touch Color Sharing Bedroom from @kellyalthofhome


Complete the look of the girl sharing bedroom with the use of modern interiors for a look that will never go out of style. Currently, you can use only neutral color tones so that they can be combined with the rest of the interior in this room to be more harmonious. Modern Sharing Bedroom from @interiora_designs

Textured Wall Decoration


The textured wooden wall in this girls bedroom has an elegant white color. The top surface of this textured wall can be used as an open storage shelf which you can apply as an area to put some cute ornaments that you have. Multifunction Textured Wall Ideas from @woolandwillow


Additional molding to the decoration of this girl’s bedroom adds texture to the room as well as an instant elegant impression. Repaint the molding part with a neutral color like white or beige so that you can get a neutral look instantly too. Elegant Molding Bedroom from @allaboutthesnug

Word Art on the Wall


If you have doubts about sticking wallpaper on the wall for decoration, you can make these art words. It seems that your bedroom is a word art gallery. It’s kind of a clever way to have an adorable bedroom. Repaint Wood Wall Art from @elcombe_home

Add Relaxing Area


Saves space and is suitable for any type of room, including girls bedroom decorations. A white macrame swing is an additional relaxing area that can be applied easily, you can install it yourself. Swing at the Corner from @building_our_dream_at_dooneen

Adorable Crown


This soft pink crown bedding is very pretty, cute and adorable to be placed in your bedroom. You seem to be in a fairy tale while in the bedroom. So adorable, isn’t it?. Layered Crown from @islagrace_and_me


The addition of a light pink crown on your bed will make your bedroom more beautiful and adorable. Its existence is very important to beautify your bedroom, even it can also provide a sense of security and comfort when you sleep. The pink crown is perfectly matched with the curtains on the windows. Sheer Crown Design from @_homewithalisha_


You can try the touch of brown color that is applied to the use of this crown design right now. Just apply it in the corner of the room together with a floral wallpaper design with a touch of the right color. Fur lampshade adds texture to the room. Earth Tone Color Crown Bedroom from @ladecadesign

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