A messy room sometime will make you depressed. This is due to the decoration and the goods that are spread out anywhere. Furthermore, it will be trickier when you get the small room. Refresh your mind by changing the style to make it wider. Try to choose one of these simple decorating ideas if you are one of the people who hate clutter. Here they are:

  1. Use Nesting Coffee Table
Use Nesting Coffee Table

Organize your snacks, remote, drink or whatever small things at the smaller desk. Then, the bigger one can be for pulling books, lamps, vase and many more. It will make your room neat and fantastic.

  1. Apply A Minimalist End Table
Apply A Minimalist End Table

This style will not take a lot of space for your room. Just put on your books in the first space and the second one can be used for your simple plant or other. Whenever you bring snacks, biscuit, or even tea, you can put them on the table.

  1. Hanging By Simple Grid Organizer
Hanging By Simple Grid Organizer

Make your desk clean by putting all your things on a grid organizer. Put your scissor, ruler, or even your note. It will be easy to be reached when you want to use. It will not only make your room neat but also pretty design as well.

  1. Employ Under-Desk Hook
Employ Under-Desk Hook

Make your desk empty by using under desk hook. Simply by hang your headphones or other stuffs under your desk. Then, they are accessible whenever you want to use them for your daily routine.

  1. Hang Your Stuff
Hang Your Stuff

Clean your floor from any kind of books after you read by hanging it over.  This style makes your room unique and fresh. The uses of natural wood bring you to a fresh mind as like as back to the nature.

  1. Choose Ghost Chair
Choose Ghost Chair

Transparent chair will lead you feel like a superstar. This kind of chair can be used for dining room to reduce clutter even if your room is not really big. Look, a beautiful chair to beautify a messy room.

  1. Try Accent Ombre Wall
Try Accent Ombre Wall

A simple style to look organized without much effort to do. Just apply any colors for your room you like to make it fresh. Let it be pretty by omitting artwork on the wall. Make it simple, beauty, and neat.

  1. Hang A Large Mirror
hang a large mirror

Transform your space by putting a large mirror with black frame. This style brings your room bigger only because of reflecting the light. Try this at your small room and see the difference. It’s amazing.

  1. Add Pressed Floral Artwork
add pressed floral artwork

Bring the beauty of the nature into your room by adding pressed floral artwork. It can be anywhere from your garden or buy from any store. This style will make your mind fresh only by seeing this frame.

  1. Upgrade Living Room With Coffee Table
Upgrade living room with coffee table

Store the magazine, trays, or even coasters of you under or inside the coffee table. A great table to make you feel free putting your feet while watching move or playing game. Be careful if you have children because it has tricky part at each corner. <!– 1519296800521 –>

Source : buzzfeed.com

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