The outdated door is an unlimited field of creativity, you can use it again with a completely different function. The old door is the best way to bring a unique vintage or rustic feel to your home decor. With lots of imagination and elbow grease, you can transform that old door into a one-of-a-kind piece that’s both useful and beautiful.

1. Door Headboard

Repurposed old door 1
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A really great option is to turn those salvaged doors into a headboard. To keep things simple, you can just lean two or three doors side-by-side behind the bed. Whether you mount two doors to the wall vertically, or one horizontally, your headboard will make quite a statement!

2. Book Shelf

Repurposed old door 2
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Use your old door to create an artistic yet completely functional shelf. Paint the door and remove the panels, using them to create the shelving parts. Lean the door against a wall in a living room or bedroom and decorate with books or other treasures.

3. Mirror, Mirror On The Door

Repurposed old door 3
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Remove the upper panel and replaced it with a large mirror.Lean it against a wall in a living room or bedroom and the result is a visually unique and appealing look that adds depth and visual space to the room.

4. Hall Tree

Repurposed old door 4
Source : Pinterest

Create a stunning hallway tree from an old door to attract attention that also serves as a hanging jacket, bag or place where to wear shoes.

5. Dining Table

Repurposed old door 5
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Solid wood doors make great table tops, simply find a door you like, paint it then attach legs or a base that suits your style. It is better to covering it with a cut-to-size sheet of glass to provide a smooth surface for drinks or other items that might wobble.

6. Privacy Screen

Repurposed old door 6-1
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Add some privacy into your room with this door scree. combine three or four doors that are roughly the same size, though not necessarily the same style. Varying doors or paint colors will make the screen more interesting. It can also serve as room divider.

7. Picture Frame

Repurposed old door 7
Source : Pinterest

Reuse your glass panel door as a big organized gallery wall by taping photos to the back the glass. You can also modified it as coat hanger or shelf.

8. Old Door, New Bench

Repurposed old door 8-1
Source : Pinterest

Turning two old doors into a beautifully rustic chair. Use one for the seat and another for the back by gluing and screwing them together at 90-degree angles. Attach the legs of your choice, or use two smaller door sections or panels as end pieces to hold the whole structure together.

9. Hanging Pot Rack

Repurposed old door 9
Source : Pinterest

Hang an old door from your ceiling (being sure to anchor it properly), then screw in some long hooks to got an instant pot rack. Solid doors provide the most hanging space, but you can also use doors with windows by securing hooks in the frame.

10. Planter Rack

Repurposed old door 10
Source : Pinterest

Start the vertical herb garden by hanging your plants in the old door hollow. You can paint the door with natural color to be more integrated with your garden.

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