Bathroom sometimes is one of relaxing room after having stressful activity outside. When you already tired, you need to take a bath with warm water and let your body get calm. Even, some people get brilliant idea when they are in bathroom. We can take example of the story from Archimedes, Nicola Tesla, John Lennon and other genius people get their idea form bathroom. So, here are the eight are stylish bathroom ideas for you.

  1. Luxurious Marble Bathroom

For all you who like luxury, this marble bathroom can be one of good choices. A large bathroom with masculine tower make you feel like a king. The wall covered by a hand-painted art with incredible flooring will make you feel calm and relax.

  1. Bedford Bathroom

A private bathroom for your own will make you save. This style allows you to enjoy your time in washing your body. Let yourself put another goods under the sinks to ease you reach what you need.

  1. Utah Bathroom

A unique style is given for you who like to see the scenery outside. Put your towel by hanging it on the place provided. See the stool which was made by a great local craftsman. Then, let your body lay on the tub which is made by the best copper sconces add with beautiful pendants.

  1. Black Gold Bathroom

Modern style is made for you who live in a busy town. Take yourself relax in a place where you will get your new idea. The sleek storage give you an elegant style with still gorgeous

  1. Blue Fox Bathroom

Get your body be ready for a simple style bathroom with unique chair inside. This style is offered for the people who like to be a humble person with homely personality.

  1. Byzantine Bathroom
Byzantine bathroom

When you come to this bathroom, the chandelier will take your mind to the era of 19th century.  This bathroom is made for the one who love classical era. Enjoy yourself and take a deep washing time to feel French people.

  1. Gilded Bathroom Storage
Gilded bathroom storage

Feel like a prince from Middle East kingdom is the aim of this bathroom style.  Ultra glamorous shows by this style through the gilded cabinet. See the mirror, marble flooring, and vanity are placed to serve the luxury style of Middle East.

  1. Academic Bathroom

Are you a scholar or a professor? This bathroom style may be fit on you. A cabinet is right there to put all necessary for having bath. Enjoy yourself to feel like a Harvard student in every time you wash your body here.

  1. Teak Bathroom Storage
Teak bathroom storage

A cute style of bathroom made for minimalist house, especially for you who have a narrow room. You can put on towel, soap, or other stuffs at the box provided.  It will make you easy to take what you need.

Source:  Elledecor

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