Enjoying leisure in the backyard with family or entertaining your guests in a relaxed time is fun. You can also read your favorite book while drinking a cup of coffee or just enjoy a comfortable afternoon while eating snacks. Backyard can be an option of places that you like because you can take some fresh air and have nice view outside. But by the dusk of course this place will be dark without any lights. That’s why lighting is necessary for you to enjoy your relaxing time in the backyard at evening. Here, you can find some ideas to have best lighting for your backyard.

  1. A Collection of Bulbs on the String

1. string lamp

This is an old way for very easy illumination to be installed in your backyard. Besides, the round and cute bulbs are nice to be its own accessory.

  1. Arc-Lamp

2. lantern

Placing some lanterns as arc lamp in your backyard at evening is very impressive. You’ll get romantic and classy evening feelings. These are also portable lamp to move anywhere you want.

  1. A Set of LED Lights

3. hidden led

Inexpensive and easy to plug are the benefit of LED lamps. So, it would be perfect for use in your backyard lighting. Placing it under the staircase is a good idea to help you so as not to stumble stepping at evening.

  1. Lighting Against the Wall

4. uplighting

Plug some lamps against the wall is a smart way to illuminate the backyard. Moreover, the reflection of light on the walls make it looks very artistic.

  1. Orb Lamps

5. orb

It’s similar with lantern in creating romantic feeling when you hang them in your backyard. The hue and the design is so beautiful for your backyard look.

  1. Plants in Pots

6. pots

Usually, backyard is identical with plants and growth. If you like gardening in yard, you can optimize the use of the pots to be lighting sources.  Transparent pot is best to be plugged with LED light.

  1. Glowing Pivots and Anglepoise

7. anglepois giant
7. furniture

To enjoy a comfortable leisurely time, you can also put some glowing pivots or anglepoise in your backyard. It doesn’t only illuminate the place but also becomes a unique and interesting decoration watch.

  1. Pendant Light

8. pendant

The existance of pendant light above dinning table at the day can be a nice decor in your yard. Whilst, it can be lighting source at evening to warm your dinnertime.

Original article and pictures by : Contemporist

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