Minimalist bathroom is a popular bathroom today. It is usually used by small families who do not have many family members. Minimalist bathrooms tend to have a clean and neat look, due to the lack of excessive storage and large material. This arrangement is perfect for people who like a slim and simple space and can easily be aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing its function.


1. Neutral Color Palette

Minimalist bathroom 1
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Minimalism follows a neutral color palette. You can wear white, black or gray for the floor, walls and furniture. It works to make the bathroom feel open and bright even though you do not have windows and increase natural light if you have it.

2. Natural Light

Minimalist bathroom 2
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The use of sunlight as a natural light source in the bathroom is a clever thing. This makes your bathroom feel more spacious without the excessive lighting.

3. Maximize Space

Minimalist bathroom 3
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Minimalist is about utilizing the room well as well as about storage. Here looks how good separation of space between shower and bathup. The well-used storage is also visible from no more toothpaste tubes scattered across the table, hair brushes or excessive ornaments perched on strategic shelves.

4. Shower Seating

Minimalist bathroom 4
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If you do not have room for a bathtub, add seating to your shower can be both functional and decorative. The floating shelves can be used as a storage for bathroom amenities. The addition of wood elements to the ceiling is a brilliant move to bring a natural impression on the mark of reducing many space.

5. High Contrast Color

Minimalist bathroom 5
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High contrast tones work perfectly in a minimalist setting, black and white color schemes are perfect for minimalist settings as these create balance and create an attractive visual appearance of the bathroom interior. The addition of wood elements is a counterweight and a bridge between the two colors.

6. Feature Line

Minimalist bathroom 6
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Line is one of the most powerful design elements in a minimalist style. Hard and straight lines give structure to space in the simplest way. Do not be afraid to highlight the straight line in the bathroom, the feature line will generate an arrangement, order and shape for the interior.

7. Contrast Material

Minimalist bathroom 7
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Besides playing with a contrasting color, you can also be creative with completely different materials. This concrete square bathtub that breaks through the wooden setting, makes a bold and dramatic impression into this bathroom.

8. Add Little Shine

Minimalist bathroom 8
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Using brass or gold in the bathroom is certainly a much bolder choice than silver tends to blend in. Gold and brass will stand out against white marble or white tile. This solid brass bowl that sinks on marble conter top and the matching color hanging lamp add a sophisticated and shimmering touch to this minimalist bath.

9. Reflective

Minimalist bathroom 10
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Minimalist has a limited color palette, so do not rely on colors to enhance your space character, rely on light. You can take advantage of artificial light by putting mirror behind lamps to effectively light the room.

10. Simple Accent And Decor

Minimalist bathroom 9
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Anything you bring into your minimalist bathroom should be both beautiful and functional. There’s no room for things that don’t serve a purpose. Make sure that even the simple things, like a towel rack or a soap bottle, perform their function beautifully.

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