Minimalist bathroom is a popular bathroom today. It is usually used by small families who do not have many family members. Minimalist bathrooms tend to have a clean and neat look, due to the lack of excessive storage and large material. This arrangement is perfect for people who like a slim and simple space and can easily be aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing its function.

1. Neutral Color Palette


Natural palet color pada skema warna kamar mandi minimalis ini memeberikan ketenagan dan kenyamnanan ekstra. Di padukan dengan interior warna hitam memiliki kontras  yang sempurna.Beige Color Scheme from @minimalism.designers


You can use white for floors, walls, and furniture. This works to make the bathroom feel open and bright even if you don’t have a window and adds natural light if you have one. White Color Scheme from @tarakantorinteriors

2. Natural Light


The use of sunlight as a natural light source in the bathroom is a clever thing. This makes your bathroom feel more spacious without the excessive lighting. Large Windows from @aparallel

3. Maximize Space


Here you can see how good the space separation is between sink and WC. Good storage can also be seen from the absence of toothpaste tubes scattered on the table, hair brushes or excessive ornaments perched on strategic shelves. Maximize Bathroom from @jemiolconcept

4. Shower Seating


Adding a shower seat will provide you with comfort while taking a shower. Using a bench made of concrete will last a long time. Shower Seating from @heysistaplumbing


If you don’t have room for a bathtub, add a seat to make your shower both functional and decorative. Complete the look with lighting for a dramatic impression on your shower room. Shower Seat from @thetapend.design

5. High Contrast Color


The gray and white tiles in this minimalist bathroom offer a beautiful home design for you to try. Having a perfect contrast will be an interesting centerpiece for you to try. Gray and WHte Wall from @alterior.living


High contrast tones work perfectly in a minimalist setting, the blue and white color scheme is perfect for a minimalist setting as it creates balance and creates a visually appealing bathroom interior. Blue and White Tilefrom @evewaldrondesign

6. Feature Line


Lines are one of the most powerful design elements in a minimalist style. Hard and straight lines give structure to the space in the simplest way. Black Line from @interiordesigning

7. Contrast Material


Besides playing with contrasting colors, you can also get creative with completely different materials. Wood accents in this interior design can make the appearance of the house look natural and different. Wood Minimalist Bathroom from @squareroomsmag


The wood accents on this bathtub give a natural touch to the whole home. Applying to walls and ceilings it will steal the eye. Wood Floor and Ceiling from @electrix_design

8. Add Little Shine


Using lights on mirrors makes the room look bright and stylish. A large mirror will also help give the illusion of a large, bright room. Light Mirror from @ribblevalleybathrooms

9. Reflective


Minimalism has a limited color palette, so don’t rely on color to enhance the character of your space. You can use black and white for maximum results. Minimalist Bathroom from @oldhousemodernhome

10. Simple Accent And Decor


Using this minimalist furniture provides a stylish home decoration for you to try. Using black furniture can create a sleek and stylish design. Minimalis Furniture from @bette.official

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