A clean and tidy home is surely will be eye-catching. To get it, there are some efforts to do. One of them is organize your stuff in a special storage according to the type of the stuff in a group. A long lasting and cheap wire basket can be a nice choice for you. This way is very useful to ease you in looking for it when needing these items. Today we have prepared several ways to organize your stuff by using wire baskets. Just scroll down to find them.

  1. Basket for Towels in Bathroom

1. basket for towels

Towels are always a must in bathroom so that whenever you need it you can reach it easily. The clean and dry towels are better folded and stored on the shelf. But if the bathroom doesn’t have any shelf, you can use a wire basket to keep your collection of towels neatly in their place.

  1. Basket for Toilet Paper

2. basket for toilet paper

It’s still related to bathroom that is toilet paper. To store toilet paper supplies, you can also use a wire basket to make it more orderly. Besides, its existence can also be a decoration around the toilet.

  1. Basket for Books

3. basket for books

Storing lot of books on a bookshelf might make you take time to find the book you are about to read. Collecting your favorite books that you will read in this week into a wire basket is a brilliant idea.

  1. Basket for Firewoods

4. basket for firewood

A wire basket not only serve to store stuff but can also serve as a simple but artistic decoration. Its wire circuit allows the firewoods inside to be seen clearly. Surely, this is a beautiful sight near a warm fireplace.

  1. Basket for Dishware

5. basket for dishware

A wire basket can also be used in any room and can serve to store anything including dishware in the kitchen.

  1. Basket in the Kitchen

6. basket in the kitchen

Not all food items are suitable for storage in the refrigerator. Such as potatoes and onions, this type of tuber will be fresher to store in an open place. That is why, wire baskets are perfect for keeping them fresh.

  1. Basket for Pantry

7. basket for pantry storage

Pantry can also look messy if the goods aren’t stored in a special place. In this case, separating dry goods according the type in a wire basket is the best way.

  1. Basket for Crafts

8. basket for craft

Storing crafts and it’s materiel into a wire basket is also a good idea to keep them neat.

  1. Basket for Kid’s Dolls

9. basket for kid's dolls

If kids have lot of toys and dolls, you can store them in a wire basket so their funny faces can still be seen.

  1. Basket for Diapers

10. basket for diaper

For you who have a baby or toddler, you can utilize a wire basket to store the diapers. You can easily take them anytime you need to change baby diaper.

Original article and pictures by : HGTV

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