Some people feel uncomfortable using wallpapers to decorate an empty wall, then another alternative is to use paint. Of course you can paint your walls with a simple and bold coat of paint, but why should it be normal if it can be amazing? You can experiment with different colors and designs to help you complete the purpose and decoration of space. Every corner of the room is an opportunity to add visual interest, whether with an eye-catching hue, a pleasant pattern, or even hand painted painting.


Abstract Design


This nice apartment living room with golden abstract pattern provides a perfect space design for you to try. Painting this abstract will give an interesting look in the room. Red Abstrac Paint Wall from @jessicamallock


This abstract wall painting in gold color provides an interesting home look for you to try. Applying this to the living room wall will produce an elegant and luxurious home design. Abstrac Wall from @iglustyle


Stunning staircase area with abstract wall paintings to make it look elegant and creative. Choosing this dark color can make a charming home decoration and steal the eye. Dark Abstrac Wall Paint from @deco_art_singapore


Modern dining room by adding an abstract wall to make it look more attractive. This mural will be the center of attention and perfect home design. Colorful Abstrac Wall Paint from @luxestyleco._

Colorful Waves


If you are bored with the usual line pattern, then wavy is the right choice. Just sketch wavy lines, they don’t have to be neat as a painting guide. Bedroom Wwave Paint Wall from @m.decorinspo


It’s a great way to wrap up all the color palettes you use throughout a room. Using this wavy pattern will produce an interesting room decoration for you to try. Green Wave Paint Wall from @belindagillies_art


A beautiful modern living room with a wavy mural can create a luxurious feel. Pair it with white walls for the perfect contrast. Wave Paint Wall from @gabimirandas


This easy-to-make wall paint feature will complement your modern home interior. Using a wavy pattern, this colorful selection will create a beautiful wall decoration. Colorful Wave Wall Paint from @gabimirandas

Another Way To Use Painter’s Tape


Home decor with a touch of tape painting in nude colors will create a dramatic look. Pair it with a brown background for a toned tone. Gray and yellow contemporary block painting from renoguide Tape Paint Wall from @mcarthurkrishna_creates


Painter’s tape is a versatile object that we can use in our creations, it can do more than just draw straight lines. This time you can try ripping it off to create an abstract wavy line pattern. It’s perfect for creating a shoreline on your wall and getting a nautical vibe in your room. DIY Tape Paint Wall from @parthgallery



Lines form the basis of a wall painting technique that continues to be a trend. Instead of painting a line with two colors, this will produce an interesting home design. Choosing black and white will provide the perfect home décor. Striped Wall Paint from @qandeelcandy002


This horizontal striped mural adds a unique feel to your home decor. Applying this to the dining room wall will create an attractive home decoration and can be the center of attention of many people. Large Striped Wall from @rustiquebyjandp


Another interesting idea is to make vertical stripes of different thicknesses and fill them with several colors according to the color palette of your room. Applying this to the ceiling will also give the house an attractive appearance. Striped Wall and Ceiling from @clovellycloth


Striped accents on the walls and ceiling change the stylish look of this living room. The choice of black and white will produce an attractive home decor and a stylish appearance. Black and White Striped Wall from @steviewonderlastdread


Beautiful bathroom decor with black and white striped mural looks amazing. That way, an interesting impression will be created in your room. Stripe Bedroom Wall from @jillmale

Geometric Patterns

Snapinsta.app_323686169_740093381057945_1064925796435407428_n_1080 (1)

Geometric patterns like circles have the potential to significantly liven up an otherwise bland room. You can use pastel colors to create the perfect home look. Round Colorful Wall Paint from @w_designandinterior


Just like the round pattern, the triangular pattern can easily live in the room. You can use this pattern as a large sector that connects two sides of a room. Geometric Wall Paint from @morya_i_design

Ombre Design


Decorating your home by painting your own ombre will save your budget so you can be creative yourself. Using your dark color palette will create an attractive home look. Ombre Entryway Paint Wall from @vintageroombg


The bathroom with green and blue ombre mural gives a fresh impression to the room. Using a bathtub with matching colors will also produce a perfect home decoration. Ombre Bedroom from @anniesloanhome


Decorating a room with a pastel pink ombre wall painting is the right idea for you to try. Add some other ornaments for an interesting look. Ombre Bedroom Paint Wall from @magnolia

Color Blocking


The idea of home decoration by adding dark wall paint creates an attractive appearance so that an attractive entrance design will be created. Color Blocking from @labpaint


Yellow geometric paint shades are a great idea to try in a Scandinavian workspace. Keeping warm with wooden furniture and wooden floors is a brilliant idea for you to try. Yellow Color Block from @dominomag

If you want to highlight the contrasts created by two strong colors, then simple design is the best way to do it. White usually fits with other colors so it can be used to emphasize contrast, even with pastel colors.


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