Some people feel uncomfortable using wallpapers to decorate an empty wall, then another alternative is to use paint. Of course you can paint your walls with a simple and bold coat of paint, but why should it be normal if it can be amazing? You can experiment with different colors and designs to help you complete the purpose and decoration of space. Every corner of the room is an opportunity to add visual interest, whether with an eye-catching hue, a pleasant pattern, or even hand painted painting.


Abstract Design

Cool wall painting 1

You do not have to be Jackson Pollock to create an abstract artwork, free your creativity to turn your blank wall into a work of art. The key is to create a mood or create a design that lets you in on something by using color and shapes.

Colorful Waves

Cool wall painting 19

If you get bored with the usual line pattern, then the wavy is the right choice. Simply sketch the wavy lines, it does not have to be neat as a guide for painting. This is a great way to wrap all the color pallets you have used throughout the room.

Another Way To Use Painter’s Tape

Cool wall painting 2

Painter’s tape is a versatile object that we can use in creating, it can do more than just make a straight line. This time you can try to tear it to deliver an abstract wavy line pattern. This is suitable for creating a shoreline on your wall and get the nautical atmosphere in your room.

Cool wall painting 2-1

Simply torn it and  put a spin to the usual approach and paint against a torn tape edge.

Typographic Designs

Cool wall painting 3

Typography has been a huge trend in the art world in the last few years and if the script is neat, it can translate nicely to your walls as well. It design allows you to give a more personal touch on the walls of the room. you can use a contrasting color with the wall, to make it more eye-catching. It can applied at home or workspace. For example above, a large monogram on a wall in the kids’ room which is the initials of the room’s occupants.

Cool wall painting 4

Large numbers on the walls help to divide large rooms with different zones or in the office vertically. You can adapt this idea to your home as an wall panting on the wall stairs.

Cool wall painting 5

Create a wall display with inspirational or encouraging words that you can use in your living room or meeting room.


Cool wall painting 6

Stripes are fundamental to wall painting techniques that continue to be a trend. Instead of painting a line with two colors, raise your line game by trying 3 colors. You can create a thin line between the larger lines as the tension of the other two colors.

Cool wall painting 7

Another interesting idea is to create vertical lines of different thickness and fill them with several colors according to your room’s color palette.

Geometric Patterns

Cool wall painting 8

Geometric patterns like chevron have the potential to significantly liven up a bland room. You have to think of how you can coordinate them with the rest of the room’s décor.

Cool wall painting 9

Just like the chevron pattern, triangle pattern can also easily live the room. You can use this pattern as a large sector that connects two sides of a room.

Ombre Design

Cool wall painting 10

Surprise.. Surprise!! Ombre is not only meant for your hair, it can be on your wall. Treat your walls to an ombre or color wash by creating a natural transition with monochromatic hues. The color will flow into one another from the top to bottom of a wall to make it look like there are no boundaries between the ceiling and the walls and eliminate the straight angles.

Cool wall painting 12

And yes!! of course you can do the opposite. you can paint it from the bottom up with a lighter color scheme and gradually turn white just like the original wall color.

Cool wall painting 11

Combine the techniques. You can combine chevron, stripes, circular or even herringbones pattern with ombre color. The possibilities are endless.

Color Blocking

Cool wall painting 13

Don’t be afraid to be creative with bold colors. You can combine multiple shades on a single wall by paint thin white frames around each color to highlight the tones.

Cool wall painting 14

Wrap all the colors that exist in your room by painting them in rectangles containing all those colors.

Cool wall painting 15

If you want to highlight the contrasts created by two strong colors, then simple design is the best way to do it. White usually fits with other colors so it can be used to emphasize contrast, even with pastel colors.

Original article and pictures by: homedit

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