Each family member would need clean clothes every day. So the presence of laundry room at home is a must and the function is absolutely needed. But sometimes its narrow space laundry can be an obstacle to have a clean and tidy laundry room. Actually you can solve the problem, as long as you know the proper way to manage the small laundry room. The appropriate arrangement will make the small laundry room will look wide and useful. Here are some small laundry design ideas for a more comfortable home and forget about messy laundry room.

  1. A Versatile Hidden Laundry Room

1. hidding

Hiding laundry behind curtains with calm colors is not a bad idea. When you’re not using it to wash clothes, this room looks elegant and soothing with the presence of plants in a vase.

  1. Slidding Door

2. slidding door

Taking advantage of the small space to place laundry is one of the great ways. However, if the existence of the laundry makes you difficult to open the door, it’s good for you to set the slidding door.

  1. Neutral Chromo in Laundry Room

3. neutral color

Applying neutral chromo in laundry room will make it looks elegant and easy to customize with your character. Besides, neutral white can also give wide impression of the room. If you want to combine them with black and gray is also good.

  1. Colorful Laundry Room

4. accent wall

Like any other room in your home, laundry room can also be designed to be a beautiful room. You can paint it with cheerful color, set an accent on the wall, shades on the floor, etc. It will make you more enthusiastic in doing the washing activity.

  1. Decoration and Accessories

5. decorated

If you prefer to apply white to the laundry room wall, you can beautify it with some interesting decorations and accessories. Such as placing flowers in a yellow vase between the baskets and also roll out this bright color carpet to make the room be bright as well.

  1. Dress Up the Machine

6. dress up

In addition to arrange the laundry room and decorate it. You can also dress your washing machine the way you like it. It will make your washing machine look cute and adorable.

  1. Storage Space

7. storage space
7. storage

Small laundry doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else to utilize the space for storage. If you set the washer horizontally, you can place a beautiful small shelf for storage, otherwise if you set the washer vertically you can utilize the space to store towels, ironing board and others.

  1. Awkward Space Above the Laundry

8. awkward space

When you have already utilized the space optimally, but there is still awkward space above the laundry you can place some decorative baskets on it. It beautify the room and also give you addition storage.

  1. Pedestal for Basket Laundry

9. pedestal

If you don’t have special room for the folding, you can use the top of the washing machine to place your laundry baskets. Just choose a unique decorative basket so your small laundry room will still look neat and beautiful.

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