Each family member would need clean clothes every day. So the presence of laundry room at home is a must and the function is absolutely needed. But sometimes its narrow space laundry can be an obstacle to have a clean and tidy laundry room. Actually you can solve the problem, as long as you know the proper way to manage the small laundry room. The appropriate arrangement will make the small laundry room will look wide and useful. Here are some small laundry design ideas for a more comfortable home and forget about messy laundry room.


A Versatile Hidden Laundry Room

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Hiding laundry room clutter in this cabinet results in a cleaner and more stylish laundry room design. Apart from the washing machine, you can add storage space and drying racks to enhance the appearance of your laundry room. Bespoke Laundry Room from @burlanesinteriors


This laundry room design is hidden in a cabinet. You can use storage and washing machines to hide clutter in your home. Hidden Laundry Room from @typealifestyleco


Hiding the laundry behind the cabinet is never a bad idea. When not used for washing clothes, this room looks elegant and won’t take up much space. Cabinet Laundry Room from @crownimperialkitchens

Slidding Door


Taking advantage of the small space to place laundry is one of the great ways. However, if the existence of the laundry makes you difficult to open the door, it’s good for you to set the slidding door. Wooden Barn Door Luandry Room from @interiorsstorageanddeclutter


The sliding bar in this laundry room provides an attractive home look that you can try now. The slidang bar will also hide the clutter in the laundry room, making your home decor tidier and more stylish. Slidding Door Laundry Room from @caitlinjonesdesign

Neutral Laundry Room


Applying neutral in the laundry room will make it look elegant and easy to match your character. In addition, neutral white colors and wood accents can also give a spacious impression to the room. White Color Scheme and Wooden Accent from @whollyher


This white color scheme on all walls and furniture makes for an interesting room design for you to try now. This white impression gives the illusion that your small room is wider and brighter. All White Color Scheme from @beaton.built

Colorful Laundry Room


The laundry room can also be designed into a beautiful room. You can use wallpaper in cheerful colors, placing an accent on the wall. This will make you more enthusiastic about doing washing activities. Bright Wallpaper Laundry Room from @deckerdesigns


This laundry room has colorful walls that will make your laundry room decor come alive. Choosing pink, yellow and blue is the perfect room decoration. Colorful Wallpaper Laundry Room from @littlekingartstudio

Decoration and Accessories


If you prefer to apply white to the walls of the laundry room, you can enhance it with some interesting decorations and accessories. Like putting flowers in a ceramic vase above the washing machine and painting on the wall to be a charming room decoration. Monstera Plants from @devon_gray_interiors


Several signs hung on the wall create an attractive and eye-catching laundry room design. Combined with this gray color scheme, it will also make this room look warmer and calmer. Sign Laundry Room from @inspireyourhomewith_vanessa


Flowers in vases and framed paintings hanging on the walls will make any home look charming. This blooming flower will also give the impression of a cool and fresh room. Flower Vases and Art from @movewithmandy

Dress Up the Machine


Besides setting up the laundry room and decorating it. You can also dress up the washing machine to your liking. It will make your washing machine look cute and adorable. Stenciled Machine Laundry from @annaeidenberg

Storage Space


Open shelves above the washing machine will also provide a neat and clutter-free room decoration. You can also add baskets for extra storage ideas. Open Shelf Storage from @jeidstudio


You can place wicker baskets on the shelves for storage. Arrange it vertically can take advantage of space to store towels, ironing board and others. Wicker Basket Storage from @delightfulorder

Awkward Space Above the Laundry


You can make the most of the space, but there is still an awkward space above the laundry. You can add a cabinet from the barn door. It beautifies the room and also gives you additional storage. Barn Door Cabinet from @chriskoppelproperties

Pedestal for Basket Laundry


If you don’t have special room for the folding, you can use the top of the washing machine to place your laundry baskets. Just choose a unique decorative basket so your small laundry room will still look neat and beautiful. Pedestal Laundry Room from @amywaltersdesign



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