Recent, a minimalist interior design is liked by many people. Its simple and elegant look makes people contruct their dwelling with this design. Because of the simple design in the arrangement of space and color, sometimes minimalist interior can be identified with innocence and its simplicity. But, if you want to spice up your minimalist interior you can do some tips below.

  1. Placing plants on the Floor and Shelf


Sometimes, a room with plain white paint and simple furniture look boring if you don’t add any decoration. That’s why don’t hesitate to place some plants on the floor and on the shelf.

  1. Colorful Furniture

Colorful furniture


Filling your dwelling with colorful furniture is one of ways to spice up your simple minimalist interior. Gold reflective table is also nice to place in the middle.

  1. Botanical Print Pillows



If the furniture is plain, you can spice up it with botanical print pillows. It’s useful to refresh your minimalist interior easily.

  1. Large Mirror on the Wall



The existence of large mirror on the wall is benefit to embellish the room and create wider space as well.

  1. Painting on the Wall


Other things to spice up your minimalist interior is a painting. By hanging it on the wall, it benefits to make the room more lively.

  1. Books on the Shelves


It’s still about plain color in your simple minimalist interior. You can place some books on the shelves, so that the colorful of its cover will embellish the room.

  1. Contrast Color Carpet on the Floor

Contrast carpet


Roll out contrast color carpet simply spice up the interior. In this case, black and white is best choice.

  1. Multipurpose Storage


Providing shoes storage and bags near by the enter way is a good idea. It’s not only help you to store your stuffs, but also as a nice decor to spice up your simple minimalist interior.

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