Recent, a minimalist interior design is liked by many people. Its simple and elegant look makes people contruct their dwelling with this design. Because of the simple design in the arrangement of space and color, sometimes minimalist interior can be identified with innocence and its simplicity. But, if you want to spice up your minimalist interior you can do some tips below.


Placing Plants Decoration


Give color to your living room by adding green plants in the corner of the room. Tall green plants will provide natural freshness at any time in the living room. Placing plants in the corner of the room will not interfere with your activities so that the room will still look spacious. Statement Plant at the Corner from @vlad_viz14


Place green plants on a table or corner of the room as a minimalist decoration that will create a natural atmosphere. You only need to provide a vase with a unique shape if you will make this plant a decoration that can attract the attention of everyone who comes to your house. Try to choose plants that are easy to care for so you don’t feel troubled and bothered by the presence of these plants. Indoor Plants Decoration from @abounding_in_grace_interiors


Sometimes, a room with plain white paint and simple furniture looks boring if you don’t add any decorations. That’s why don’t hesitate to place some plants on the floor and on the shelf. Some Plants on the Floor from @_naturallybrittany_

Colorful Furniture


Filling your dwelling with colorful furniture is one of the ways to spice up your simple minimalist interior. Puple bed framed is also nice to place in the middle. Puprle Bed Frame from @mattinamoderna


A pastel look in a room can be applied to the living room in your home. The living room walls covered in pastel paint will make the room more cheerful, coupled with the addition of matching color furniture and also large abstract paintings which also have pastel colors in them will certainly make your living room look much brighter and more cheerful. Colorful Pastel Living Room from @centuryply


Yellow is one of the bright color choices that can be combined with other colors that are quite contrasting. For example, you can combine it with bright pink throw pillows and a pink side table too. These two colors look contrasting but can blend perfectly. Yellow Scheme Color Living Room from @holyhomez

Botanical Print Decor


If the furniture is plain, you can spice it up with a botanical print wall painting. It’s useful to refresh your minimalist interior easily. Botanical Pattern Painting from @kwatroodesign


When you have used a plain sofa design, present a pattern through the use of throw pillows that can be placed on top of it. Use throw pillows in a botanical pattern only to instantly bring nature into a room. Botanical Pattern Throw Pillow from @natalielunken


Add a room pattern by covering the walls with a wallpaper that has a tropical pattern. The green color that dominates makes the room look more beautiful, natural and ready to bring maximum natural nuances into the room. Green Botanical Wallpaper Design from @schumacher_tristate

Large Mirror on the Wall


To give the illusion that the room looks wider and more open, you can hang a round mirror on the empty living room wall. This mirror can be hung right above the side table, you can get it at the nearest accessories store. Round Shaped Hanging Mirror from @jacksonpaigeinteriors


The existence of a standing large mirror on the wall is a benefit to embellish the room and create wider space as well. Standing Large Mirror from @peachy__home

Painting on the Wall


Another thing to spice up your minimalist interior is painting. By hanging it on the wall, it benefits to make the room more lively. Tropical Painting from @myabstracthouse


Hanging abstract paintings with large sizes are ready to be used as room statements. You can use a colorful abstract painting with two different patterns for a contrasting look that never fails. Abstrack Painting Statement from @centuryply

Books on the Shelves


There’s nothing wrong with adding bookshelves to your living room decor. This will be an important part when you become a collector of books that often read. Here you can relax comfortably. Bookshelves in the Living Room from @holyhomez


It’s still about plain color in your simple minimalist interior. You can place some books on the shelves, so that the colorful cover will decorate the room. Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves from @fabriksen

Contrast Color Carpet on the Floor


Roll out contrast color carpet simply spice up the interior. In this case, bohemian color carpet is the best choice. Bohemian Color Carpet from @holyhomez


The basic color of the white carpet which is perfected with this colorful pattern is the best choice that you can apply in the living room. Layered carpet is a choice that never fails to add texture to a room. Colorful Carpet from @holyhomez


This faux fur rug design, which comes with a colorful pattern, is ready to give a new look to your living room decor. In addition, the existence of this carpet will contrast more with the touch of the floor color that is used. Faux Fur Carpet from @holyhomez

Multipurpose Storage


The nightstand design that is used as a cat sleeping area is also a multifunctional furniture that will never fail and is ready to fill the empty space in your bedroom decor. The minimalist design is ready to be used in a modern bedroom. Multifunction Nightstand from @joaoteixeira_designstudio


The bed frame design which is equipped with storage at the bottom becomes a multifunctional furniture that you can use to save more bedroom space. This pull-out drawer can be used to store your clean clothes. Bed Frame with Underneath Storage from @floyddetroit


Besides being used as a sitting area, this multifunctional bench can also be used to store small items that will minimize clutter in your bedroom decor. Bench Storage from @interiorsstorageanddeclutter

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