In the third month of 2018 you might want to build or simply change your home interior to be a dream elegant home interior. To fulfill your desire, you can consider several things that will be done and what should be provided. There are at least four important things that you need to consider are about style, decoration, color, and furniture. For the detail images and ideas, let’s check it out below.


Minimalist Design Style

Source : Los Angeles Time

To have an amazing dream home interior for elegant room, minimalist style still a trend this year. Its simplicity give elegance look in the room.

French Style

French style
Source : Elle Decor

Enjoying the splendor of French style in your home office is awesome. It can be done by providing carving chair and table.

Colorful Decor for Your Dark Wall

Source : Lonny

If you like to paint dark color on the wall, it’s better to add colorful decorations. It benefits to distract the calm hue in the room.

Wall Decor in Dinning Table

Wall decor
Source : Igfusa.org

In creating an elegant look in dinning table, usually some people choose gray or black as the dominant color. The addition of wall decor in the room is very useful to make your mealtime with family warmer.

Soft Color and Elegance

Source : Ideal Home

Color also plays an important role to result a stunning interior design. In this case, applying pastel colors can give the impression of elegance and beauty in living room.

Entire Gray Color on the Wall

Wall color
Source : Essential Home

However, home is a very good place to rest after you are tired in doing activity outside. Applying gray color on the entire wall can help you to rest well. As long as you provide enough lighting to keep it comfortable.

Unique Sofa and Modern Chandelier

Unique sofa and modern chandelier
Source : DigsDigs

To result an amazing and elegant interior design, you can also fill the room with this unique shaped sofa and modern chandelier.

Statement Wooden Table

Wooden table
Source : DigsDigs

One of furnitures that has artistic value and still a trend in this year is wooden table statement. Placing it in the living room will make the room looks amazing.

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