In the third month of this year you might want to build or simply change your home interior to be a dream elegant home interior. To fulfill your desire, you can consider several things that will be done and what should be provided. There are at least four important things that you need to consider are about style, decoration, color, and furniture. For the detail images and ideas, let’s check it out below.


Minimalist Design Style


A minimalist theme would not be spared from a modern touch. When you are going to apply it to the living room decoration section, you can choose and determine the color scheme of the room that is suitable, white is the right color choice and will never fail for a bright final look. Modern Minimalist Living Room from @myneutralhome_x



Not only in the living room, but you can also apply it to the bedroom right now. For example, you can use a tufted bed frame with a choice of neutral colors such as white or gray. The surface of this bed is of course very comfortable because it is soft.  Minimalist Furniture from @enliven__interiors



The minimalist furniture that is applied to this part of the living room is dominated by a curved shape which is suitable for small and limited spaces. Arrange the distance and layout of the furniture neatly, nesting tables with two contrasting colors that match well in the same room. Minimalist Living Room Ideas from @qratededition



To have an amazing dream home interior for an elegant room, minimalist style is still a trend this year. Its simplicity gives elegance look in the room. Minimalist Dining Room Ideas from @qratededition


French Style


Enter warm colors in the French living room decoration this year. For example, you can use a brown chair that can be combined with white wall paint to produce a neutral color that makes the room look more integrated perfectly. Earth Tone French Living Room from @qratededition



A brass frame with carved edges fits perfectly into a French-style room decor. Combine with wall molding decorations which are equipped with carvings as well, you can apply them to the living room. Mirror Carved Brass Frame from @lindsay.nagley



The modern French country that is applied to this living room decoration can be perfected by the presence of indoor green plants that are quite large and bold in size. White, beige, yellow and blue are a mix of colors that can be combined in the same room. Modern French Country Living Room from @qratededition



Enjoying the splendor of French style in your home office is awesome. It can be done by providing carving cabinets and floating shelves. Shabby Chic Look Interior from @shabby_et_cosy


Colorful Interior


Green and yellow are a combination of colors that are quite contrasting to be applied to one bedroom. These two colors make for a fun colorful decor, layers of patterned rugs and murals on the walls are pieces that you can use for a different look.. Green and Yellow Scheme Color from @interioreccentric



Apart from being a room decoration, several colorful ornaments placed on the wall mounted open shelf area will become a new focal point in your living room decoration. Place your entire collection of plates and glasses in this shelf area in a neat and orderly manner. Colorful Pastel Ornament Display from @lalasaks



When you use a wooden chair, make it perfect with several throw pillows that come in a variety of different colors and patterns. The colors of the throw pillows used range from yellow, red, green and orange. All of these colors will work well. Bold Color Throw Pillows from @lieppulee



This colorful living room decor is a never-failing choice for a minimalist touch. You can use the interior of the living room with a variety of different colors and patterns, for example, when you use a yellow chair, use light blue for the coffee table so it looks contrasting.. Colorful Living Room Decor from @catherinezarrabian

Wall Decor in Dinning Table


Don’t let the walls look plain and boring. Now you can hang a painting with splashes of soft paint colors which can make the room feel softer and calmer. Canvas painting is the right choice. Statement Abstract Canvas Painting from @colourful.calm



Use a variety of different themes and colors in the use of wall paintings. This painting is ready to be used to liven up the part of the wall that is painted in plain white. Striped rug is a floor layer that attracts attention. Colorful Wall Painting from @kate_decorates



Do you have a talent for painting? Then you can do it and use your own painting to decorate the part of the wall that is still empty. This painting is an attraction for artistic value with your own work. Abstract Painting with Bold Color from @atelierandrea



In creating an elegant look in a dining table, usually some people choose pastel colors as the dominant color. The addition of wall decor in the room is very useful to make your mealtime with family warmer. Painting Plate Wall Decor from @talkinghomesbytanya

Soft Color and Elegance


Color also plays an important role to result in a stunning interior design. In this case, applying pastel colors can give the living room an impression of elegance and beauty. Pastel Color Kitchen Area from @homeofcharl



The sage green wall paint combined with the light pink sofa is a mix of pastel colors that attracts attention. This pastel sofa will look more alive when you complete the living room decor with a bright yellow flower vase. Pastel Color Sofa from @honeyidressedthepug



Another pastel color that can be applied to a minimalist living room decoration is bright blue. This color will make the room look more attractive, bright, calm and open. Finish off this living room decor with a geometric rug with a selection of white and dark blue patterns. Pastel Blue Color Living Room from @annalysejacobs



When you use a white linen sofa, additional throw pillows with a selection of various pastel colors is a smart idea that you can apply. Throw pillows patterned with greenery also make a room more textured and less plain. Soft Color Throw Pillow and Ornament from @harlequinhall

Entire Green Color on the Wall


However, home is a very good place to rest after you are tired of doing activities outside. Applying green color on the entire wall can help you to rest well. As long as you provide enough lighting to keep it comfortable. Green Slate Wall Decor from @lucys_hillside_house



A color that is quite dark but still attracts attention is emerald green. Just apply it to the wall and curtain paint used, then finish with a sofa in a matching but brighter color, namely sage green. Emerald Green Paint and Curtain from @yssinteriordesign



You can try changing the bathroom paint with a dark green color option. This color will look dark and ready to make the room look more dramatic. Just combine it with the use of a plain white standing bathtub. Green Themed Color Bathroom from @scoutandnimble



When you want a classic theme in the reading nook area, you can combine it with several brass-colored carved mirror frames. This will be a color contrast that shows the room is simpler, classic and more into the vintage theme. Classic Vibes Reading Nook from @thetruthbehindthe_decor

Unique Sofa Living Room


If you want a classic minimalist look in the living room this year, start by using a leather sofa design with dark color choices. Dark black is one of the designs that you can apply. Black Matte Leather Sofa from @homeheavenhq



This sofa design with blunt sides can be perfected with a textured arched wall design that has color harmony. To make it more elegant and look luxurious, you can use the right lighting and of course one that has a design or style that matches your living room. Textured Style Living Room from @munkenliving



This curved sofa with a soft surface has a neutral color that makes this minimalist room look more open. This sofa requires regular maintenance to avoid dust or insects, use a cordless hand vacuum cleaner which can be obtained online at an affordable price. Curved and Soft Sofa from @qratededition



To result in an amazing and elegant interior design, you can also fill the room with this unique shaped sofa and modern chandelier. Bold Color Unique Sofa from @constance_igau


Statement Furniture


A textured bed with tufted material selection is the best choice that you can try right now. The tufted bed combined with the use of black nightstands creates an instant monochromatic style. Textured Bed Frame Design from @jasmfurniture



Take advantage of the corner of your house as a reading nook area. Currently, you can use round shaped chairs with a selection of faux fur materials which provide a warmer sitting surface. Round Shaped Chair from @bloomingville



This coffee table design with large round legs is ready to be used as a room statement. Just use a dark color to make it look contrasted with the use of other interiors around it. Unique Shaped Table Legs from @thefeelter_melbourne

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