Do you plan to have two-story house? Then, what type of stairs you will use? People mostly have less thinking about the type but get focused on the case. If you have time to think about stairs design, you may need an information why there are so many types of stairs. Here, we will learn about the shapes of the stairs and determine which is fit yours.

Straight Stairs

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Straight Stairs is a staircase that has a straight design and very little privacy. Equipped with a stair case made with glass will make it look more classy and suitable for your home decoration. Modern Straight Stair from @skyhook_stairs

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Talking about the types of stairs, Straight stairs are one type of stairs that have a simple design. The owner covers it with carpet so that it will make it look more beautiful and can provide perfect comfort. White and Wooden Straight Stair from @flatweave_installer

L-Shaped Stairs

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This staircase will take up more space on the second floor, especially if you apply it in the living room. The design is safer in low light when you use it because it supports landing. White and Wooden Stair from @mermansarchitectureanddesign

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Having a Letter L design makes it suitable for your home decoration ideas even in low light spaces. This letter L stair also has a size that is wide enough so that it is very comfortable for more than one person to access. L shape Floating Stair from @the_littlenest

U-Shaped Stairs

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The design of this U letter staircase has an artistic design and takes you to get more privacy on the second floor. Ladder landings can give you a break before climbing the stairs again. Wooden U-Shape Stair from @distinctivedesignhomes

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This is one type of staircase with a U letter design that is suitable for you to apply to your home. Having a design like the letter U makes it have enough space to rest before setting foot on the next step. U-Shaped Floating Stair from @irishmodularhome

Spiral Stairs

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With less space you have, you could consider this type of stairs. It is easy to install but less to carry items. Only one person can use the stairs in every step. This type is best to connect to the deck or rooftop. Metal Spiral stair from @wanecque_metallerie

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There are many types of stairs that you can apply to your home decor, one of which is a spiral staircase. This type of stair has a design that is quite slim and rotates so that it will save more space but can still function properly. White and Black Spiral Stair from @essexhousedolly

After deciding the types, you may think about the case. The case could be match with the element of your home to bring a harmony. You should consider the resident also, the old ones should need easier stairs to use. For the safety reason, kids also needs friendly stairs to minimize the risk of any fall accidents.

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