Do you plan to have two-story house? Then, what type of stairs you will use? People mostly have less thinking about the type but get focused on the case. If you have time to think about stairs design, you may need an information why there are so many types of stairs. Here, we will learn about the shapes of the stairs and determine which is fit yours.


Straight Stairs

This kind of stairs will be looks tiring before you try it. Besides, you can see easily from the first story about the situation on the second story. This means also it has lack of privacy. That’s why this kind of stairs will be more suitable for office or high building. With the presence of landing for more than 12 feet stairs, it will give you short-break. Although it can be applied in your home, but still not recommended.


L-Shaped Stairs

Most people use this type for wide space home. This stairs will consume more space on second story, especially when you applied it in the center space. Moving your furnitures could be difficult between stories. The privacy could be provided because of the visual barrier. Its design safer in the lack of light when you use because of the supported landing.


U-Shaped Stairs

Need more space for your storage. You can use this type and add storage below the stairs. The design also has an artistic design and bring you to get more privacy on the second story. Landing of the stairs could give you rest before taking more stairs. Considering the benefit, its construction cost more and difficult to build.


Spiral Stairs

With less space you have, you could consider this type of stairs. It is easy to install but less to carry items. Only one person can use the stairs in every step. This type is best to connect to the deck or rooftop.


After deciding the types, you may think about the case. The case could be match with the element of your home to bring a harmony. You should consider the resident also, the old ones should need easier stairs to use. For the safety reason, kids also needs friendly stairs to minimize the risk of any fall accidents.

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