A bathroom in a dwellig doesn’t always need wide space. Even, you can create a nice hallway bathroom with creative design. Talking about hallway bathroom design, the measurement is required in considering the right fixtures to place there. Usually hallway bathroom is elongated, so you have to fit the shape of the bathtub and the cabinet to have a nice result.

  1. Lengthy Wastafel

1. wastafel
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You need to a wastafel design that is not too wide. Precisely, its length have to follow the elongated bathroom space. So, the lengthy wastafel is effective to keep the hall enough.

  1. Wall Decor on the Empty Wall

2. wall decor
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To avoid the bathroom looks boring, posting the wall decor is a simple way to do. It’s nice to embellish the empty wall of the bathroom.

  1. Effectiveness of Curtain

3. curtain
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If using a transparent glass seems too full in the bathroom, better use the curtains as the cover. In addition to create the bathroom looks wide, the function of curtain also beautify it.

  1. Tiny Hallway Storage

4. nail
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Placing Tiny storage is not only useful to store the towels and soaps, but also utilize the awkward space in the bathroom.

  1. Bronze Fixtures in the Bathroom

5. hanger
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Using some bronze fixtures is also effective to have a good quality bathroom. It can also be installed on the wall to hang towels.

  1. Versatile Cabinetry

6. versatile
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A small cabinet that also functions as a sink is a good idea to create for hallway bathroom. It will be useful for you in using the existing space.

  1. Simple Bathroom

7. simple
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Consider the simple things that will make you thank yourself. For example, choose a simple closet design, so it will create the hallway bathroom looks wider.

  1. Multifunction Storage

8. wall
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If the bathroom is lack of cabinetry, better you place a multifunction storage. The small table is not only functions as a table, but also benefit to store the towels. It’s a nice idea for your hallway bathroom.

  1. Parallel Setting

9. flower
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To get around the elongated hallway bathroom shape, set the placement of the tub, closet and cabinet in parallel. It’s a nice design idea for you.

  1. Space Optimization

10. towel
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Providing of clean towels and toilet paper in the bathroom is a must. For its storage, you can hang the towels on the wall and place the on the shelf. Whilst, put the toilet paper in the basket to place above the closet.

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