Kitchen table is come in styles. From modern to traditional. A big, long farmhouse tables is perfect for a home with a rustic-industrial theme, but if you prefer a clean-lined style, Danish modern is great for you. If you have small space, a wooden drop-leaf is great option, but for you who wanted to look different, consider to have one custom built. The best dining table for you is the one that brings sheer personality to your dining room.

Mahogany Table


The glossy material on this dining table’s mahogany wood looks antique. Combine with the use of spindle feet to get the most out of it. Antique Style from @jkr_antiques


If you have a classic dining room theme, this well-polished mahogany table will go well in your space. This table give an elegant touch to your dining space. Mahoganite Sleek Dining Table from @swantavernantiques


Mahogany is one of the materials of choice that you can apply to the dining table this spring. This wood has a harder surface so it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Perfect with a touch of spring in the centerpiece. Spring Mahogany Dining Table from @sand.and.wax

Dark Wood Dining Table


The use of wood for a dining table will make your dining room more attractive, plus the unique shape of the table will certainly add to the artistic impression of your dining room. Wood folding dining table is a type of table that you can apply to the dining room in your home, to make the table look classic, cover it with transparent paint. In this case, the wood fibers will still look natural. Wood Folding Dining Table from @aheSte_natural_wood


A dark wood dining table is great for a pedestal style. The deep wood finish is an elegant touch and a stylish addition to your dining room decor. Pedestal Style from @furnitureandchoice


You can easily get a vintage look in the dining room by using a wooden spindle legs dining table. This spindle legs wooden dining table will also be maximized if you cover it with dark paint, in addition to adding value to the appearance of dark colors it can also give a more vintage feel. Wood Dining Table with Spindle Legs from @acloreinteriors


Apart from giving an attractive appearance, dark colors can also disguise stains on the dining table. Try to use dark paint with a glossy surface, this aims to make it easier to maintain your wooden dining table so that it is easy to clean with a cleaning fluid. Glossy Dark Wood Dining Table from @thecozyhomeeast

Wooden Table with Modern Contemporary Chairs


The wooden table setting holds a nostalgic charm that resonates beautifully through the room’s design. Do the painting with wood color for a smoother and softer surface. Modern Look Wood Dining Table from @kristensenfurniture


The appearance of this wooden dining table with a unique shape is dominated by natural wood which can add a modern touch. Its small size can be used by a couple for dinner together in a supportive and romantic atmosphere. Unique Shaped Dining Table from @fundamente___


Thick, sturdy and not easily porous are some of the advantages that can be obtained simultaneously when you use a dining table made of natural wood. This wooden chair with white linen cushions makes it look more modern. Barn Wood Dining Table from @rhomefurniture

Glossy Black Finish Wooden Table


This glossy black finish wooden table has ample seating and plenty of style that will accentuate a modern design. Glossy Black Finish from @brooke.abrams.design


To neutralize the atmosphere in a colorful dining room, there’s nothing wrong if you use a black dining table. To balance the style of the room, also combine this black dining table with colorful chairs. This dark dining table will accommodate many chairs if you use a circular table with support legs in the middle. Black Dining Table with Colorful Chairs from @queenstangleddesires


Creating a monochromatic appearance in the dining room in a simple way, an all-white dining room inserted with some black furniture is enough to realize this idea. Using a wooden table that has been coated with black paint surrounded by white chairs, this black dining table will be the focal point of this all-white dining room. Coupled with a black abstract painting and a black table in the corner of the room, it will make the monochomatic atmosphere even more perfect. Monochromatic Dining Room from @no.sixty.eight


A smooth and smooth dining table will make it easier for you to do maintenance, stains will not easily stick to the dining table when jam is used. Coupled with the application of black on this dining table, it will certainly make the dining room look more clean and tidy. Sleek Black Surface Dining Table from @no.sixty.eight

The Detail in your Wooden Table


Add a detail to your wooden table to be befitting any home that denotes a classic appeal to be refined and elegant. Classic Dining Table Design from @worldsaway1


You can also use a simple dining table to add to the impression of a farmhouse in your home. A simple table leg with a natural wood table surface is enough to give the impression of a farmhouse, especially if you add a vintage motif table runner, of course the farmhouse style will be maximized. Farmhouse Dining Table Design from @devonhomelife


A modern look is indeed interesting to try, as well as in the dining room area, set it to create a mid-century modern atmosphere by using a thick, wide and simple style wooden dining table. With this mid-century modern dining table which is equipped with a long chair on one side and several rattan chairs on the other side, it will add to the maximum modern mid-century impression. Modern Mid Century Dining Table Design from @taborinteriors


The combination of natural wood color with black on the dining table will make the rustic look more pronounced. The natural color on the table board does not mean without finishing, you still have to do the finishing by coating it with transparent paint so that the wood grain will still be visible, coupled with black legs on the dining table will certainly make the maximum rustic atmosphere. Rustic Dining Table Design from @hiddenhut_furniture

Modern Wooden Table


The design of the wooden dining table in the corner of the room is equipped with a bench covered with a seat cushion so that it is still comfortable to use. This dining room decoration makes the most of the corner of the room. Dining Table Corner from @kbbmagazine


A geometrical design of the wooden dining table adds a sense of finesse and style to your space. Oval Shaped Dining Table from @slowwoodnl


If you want your dining room to look wider, try using a wooden dining table with hairpin legs. Hairpin legs will give a broad effect with their slim size and will still have sufficient strength because they are made of iron. At the bottom of the table which has a cavity you can use it to store dining chairs when not in use so that the dining room will not look messy. Wood Dining Table with Hairpin Legs from @englishelmfurniture


It doesn’t have to be expensive to get a new look for the dining room, you just need to relacquer your dining table. This is an easy thing that you can do yourself so that it will save more energy as well as save on handling costs, that way the dining table will look new again and will also give you new enthusiasm too. So that it is not boring and also different from the others, you can give two colors to the chairs at the dining table. Relacquer Round Dining Table Shaped from @limororen_interiorstyling

Natural Wood Dining Table


There’s nothing wrong with using wood for the square-shaped dining table. Two wicker chairs make a mix that can never fail, paint the legs of the dining table white for a new look that can never fail. Square Shaped Dining Table from @homedesignbygosia


This natural wood dining table is styled in a simple rustic design that offer an eye appealing look and old world charm addition to your modern space. Environmentally Friendly Wood Dining Table from @grahamandgreen


The natural wood material that is applied to this dining table does not need to be repainted to make it more environmentally friendly. This is one of the DIY furniture that you can use right now. Natural Wood Dining Table from @grahamandgreen


Light wood dining table is the right furniture for those of you who want to create a brighter and more natural dining room atmosphere. A light wood dining table will be maximized if you combine it with white chairs, if your chairs are not white the easy thing you can do is cover them with white cloth as a cover. Light Wood Dining Table from @whiteloomhome


To produce a natural look in the dining room, the easy thing you can do is choose a dining table with a natural design as well. To make it look natural, don’t finish the wooden shapes, you just have to split the wood according to the desired size and only give the final touch in the form of transparent paint to keep the table from surviving longer and avoiding pests. Barn Wood Dining Table Design from @organisedbycharlotte

Modern Flair


A naturalistic style with a modern flair dining table. Combine with several dining chairs made of velvet material to get maximum comfort when used throughout the day. Natural Wood Dining Table with Velvet Chairs from @lifeathomewithemma


Wood and iron are a combination of materials that can be applied together in a dining table design that you can use this year. Use chairs according to your family members so as not to overdo it which causes the floor area to become more limited. Wood Dining Table with Iron Legs from @sarahxhome

Executive Dining Table


This dining table is well stated and refined with the black chairs that complement the wood finish and gives your space a sophisticated style. Bold Color Combination from @milola.ch


Look at this dining table design made of shiny wood, won’t it look more luxurious when combined with black matte dining chairs? Yes, you can try it together with the shutter window painted in black too. Looking Luxurious from @cooper.home


The wooden dining table with solid black dining chairs looks a contrast and is ready to be used as a new focal point. The color of the chair used has a color harmony with the window frame used. Contrast Color of Furniture from @carollos.corner


This deep black dining chair made of linen has a dramatic look when you combine it with a large wooden dining table. End with the right lighting and can be hung right above the dining table used. Linen Dining Chair from @tiina_arminen_interiors

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