Red is a strong and intense color so it should be used very carefully as it can quickly become overwhelming. But as an accent color, red is the right choice for any home area. True red is the main color, but the red spectrum is very broad, from pale pink (white with a bit of red in it) to deep red, vermillion and dark red. Red works in a variety of decorating styles from sleek modern to country cute, but it’s a dramatic color and to use it in a space is to make a statement.

1. Kitchen Cabinet

Red 1

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Red kitchen cabinet can give a kitchen a warm, traditional country feel. It goes well with the the warm tones of the natural wood too.

2. The Sofa

Red 2

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If you’re gutsy enough, go for a bold red sofa. It dominates the space and means you don’t need to add color elsewhere in the space. It will work with black and white or with any neutral palette. A red sofa brings some pop and passion into a very buttoned-up living room.

3. Saucy Shelving

Red 3

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Shelving doesn’t have to be brown, black or metallic. Pieces like this can be bright as well as functional. The vintage styling makes it great for your living room or dining area.

4. Black Or White

Red 4

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This red bathtub becomes an absolute gem in this black and white bathroom. The red color revive the atmosphere between the monochrome color palette.

5. Light Fixture

Red 5

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An easy way to add a dash of red is with a colorful light fixture. Whether it’s a pendant or a chandelier, a red fixture near the ceiling will add a very visible but not overwhelming dose of color to your space.

6. Red Accents Staircases

Red 6

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These days staircases are an opportunity to create a design statement and what better way to make a statement than with a red stair rail?

7. Add Romance

Red 7

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Talk about setting the mood, steal this bedroom’s romantic look, with red sheer fabric hung above the bed. Red color on bedroom, enhances your passion and encourages you in the morning.

8. Warm Welcome

Red 8

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What better way to greet visitors than with a cheery red door? Painting an entire house brightly is a gutsy move, but a slice of color on the door is a subtle gesture that still feels fresh and inviting.

9. Red Floor

Red 9

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Red floor is still a dramatic choice that adds a lot of warmth and intimacy to a large room with a high ceiling.

10. The Wall

Red 10

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The trend may shift, but the traditional red color will definitely last. In this house, red color is used to defines the space. The red walls delineates the hallway from another room.

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