You may have your own car but don’t know where to park your car in your home. Now it’s time for you to build your own parking space. Car port is designed without roof, while garage is closed room. Which one is fit to yours?

Car Port

If you have small outdoor area or small terrace, you can use it for parking your car as a car port. To make it work, you have to alternate the small terrace with the empty space as wide as your car. You can add tiles or just plaster in flooring.



If you still need space for gardening, you can use its border as the space for planting small plants. When your car is gone, the space will be seen as garden. Water faucet on any side of the wall in the car port area will help you when washing your car or watering plants.

Car Garage

It will be different when you have indeed space to build your parking spot. You can build garage,  so that your car will have its special room. Garage is usually closed by the door gate. You may choose appropriate design of door gate for your garage. Sliding, pull up, or folding could be your choices depending on the available space you have.


If your garage can fit more than a car, you can arrange them side by side or parallel parking type. For side by side, it will be more suitable if you use sliding door. Pull up door can be applied better by electrical support to make it easy to lift up. Parallel parking type garage could be fit to any kinds of door. Most people use pull up or folding door for parallel.


Material chosen for the garage or car port could be the same with the element you use for the house. The garage door should be light material so will be easy for you to operate it. Don’t forget to add air vent for the air circulation so that anyone inside the garage would not become out of breath.

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