Besides wall and door, window also play its role to the home design. Shape and its frame will affect your home appearance. The consistency of the element you use is not the only one that will reach the harmony. Windows are also the important parts you should pay attention to.

There are several types of windows that are popular, such as hung, slide, transom, awning,  casement, stationary. Every type refers to the age or function according to your preferences. You can prefer style whether it is modern or traditional and whether it is wide open or can not be opened at all.

Hung Window

This is fit to traditional style to contemporary. You can control ventilation to get direct air through the top, bottom,  and even both. You can apply on any rooms which need low ventilation. Whether single or double-hung type, you may refer to air ventilation purpose.


Sliding Window

Sliding is easier to operate and mostly used in contemporary style. There are two types of slider that commonly used: single or double slider. You can get both left and right air circulation depends on your modify option.


Transom Window

This traditional types let sun light to get in because its position at the top. Transom usually combines with the door or another windows type.


Stationary Window

If you need more lights in some rooms without air ventilation, you can use stationary windows. Stationary windows are almost have the same functions with picture windows but the frame is thicker.


Awning Window

Awning windows are the type of windows that hinged at the top and open outward. They are usually installed higher on walls for privacy.


Casement Window

These windows are hinged on the outside and attached with one or more hinges at the side. They can set to move inward or outward.


These references will help you to choose any types of windows that easier for you. You should put the windows as the functions they should be. Whatever the reason, you must ask the expert before do some installations or let them do their parts.

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