When you have finished building your bedroom, the arrangement of the furniture should be the interesting part to do. The question in your mind may be appear about where I should put my bed on. Bed is the important furniture where you will spend your sleeping at. To get better sleeping, the bed’s quality is not the only one important point, the position also plays the role.

Facing Windows

The initial thing that you should pay attention before put the bed is windows. When you put the bed facing the windows, it could mean you tend to need more visual spaces. In this case, you may spend a lot to do your activities on your bed. The position will allow you to let the eyes open than sleeping because of the intense light and movement from the outside.

1 snapinsta.app_337182494_249951604176987_5738208450577228156_n_1080

This time you can place the bed facing the window so it will give you a double advantage. In addition to providing natural lighting, you can also enjoy the beauty of the outdoors through glass windows. Curved Windows from @heidicaillierdesign

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Look at this bedroom decor! The owner places the bed facing the window so it is more perfect. Glass windows allow sunlight to enter this bedroom and make your bedroom healthier. White Window whit Blind from @emilyjanehome_

3 snapinsta.app_28763290_1805814453047831_3296079171352002560_n_1080

The glass window facing the bed is quite long. There are two glass windows at the same time in front of the bed so that it will provide perfect natural lighting. Double Windows from @lisa_loves_vintage

4 snapinsta.app_334821670_2182226425310745_2415401825816656189_n_1080

There are many bed placement ideas, one of which is facing the window. The large glass window facing the bed will present the perfect outdoor beauty that you can enjoy from inside the house. Large Windows from @avalonwaterways

5 snapinsta.app_273903752_682843782721326_9213190814863718556_n_1080

Positioning the bed directly opposite the window is an interesting idea. This is because, the bed will get sunlight so it will not make your bedroom damp. Glass Windows from @totalblindsconceptng


Windows Behind

If you let the windows behind your bed, it means you need safe sleeping. You let the outside light get in through your windows, but not directly shining your face. This position will bother you if you need television in your bedroom. When you put television facing your bed, the display should be disturbed by the light from the outside windows.

6 snapinsta.app_338996546_875567766858233_8325031980312836365_n_1080

A bed that is located in front of the window will provide natural light without disturbing the quality of your sleep. Because sunlight can enter directly without having to hit the face directly. White Frame Glass Window from @dielenliebe

7 snapinsta.app_338449357_1372396543524913_758818983404310721_n_1080

Positioning the bed in front of the window is the perfect idea. The reason is it will provide natural lighting but not directly on the face so it will maintain the quality of your sleep. Double Windows from @schumacher_gulfcoast

8 snapinsta.app_337597734_760689625493682_4768782417629508319_n_1080

This bedroom has a window that is behind the bed so it will provide perfect lighting. Having a simple design makes it simpler but still functions well. Large Windows from @architeckure

9 snapinsta.app_80901246_1045643512466771_5848267540437240147_n_1080

The glass window behind this bed will make your bedroom decoration look more perfect. In addition to providing natural lighting, it will also provide ventilation which can make air circulation smoother. Rectangular Windows from @beds

10 snapinsta.app_104416593_3516525158376307_8502409475092837852_n_1080

Having three windows behind the bed will make your bedroom decoration more perfect. The reason is that it will look wider and also provide natural lighting without disturbing your sleep. Three Windows from @rba.windows.newyork

11 snapinsta.app_144837623_217122993430870_5896471858442314737_n_1080

You can never fail to position the bed right in front of the window. This way the sun can enter and not highlight your face. So that your sleep will not be disturbed. Vertical Window from @hometownbricktorian

12 snapinsta.app_337720296_6086816301409040_9161969004686571662_n_1080

This large window is right behind the bed so it will present a larger view of the room. Equipped with a blind will allow it to be adjusted according to needs by opening and closing it. Large Glass windows from @artpartner_architects

13 snapinsta.app_337572385_215058444445590_2499712045260945325_n_1080

Having a large window in the bedroom area is one of the advantages, because it will provide natural lighting. This time you can position the bed in front of a glass window so that it will get sunlight without having to hit the faces of everyone sleeping there. Glass Windows from @architeckure

14 snapinsta.app_336484876_959928401852074_215691637826007430_n_1080

Talking about positioning the bed, this time you can position it right in front of the window. This method will make your bedroom get enough sunlight and avoid moisture. Curved Windows from @benmyhre

15 snapinsta.app_339657993_164582719480641_8428768703852161598_n_1080

The window behind this bed has a sliding design so it will present a modern look. Equipped with a long curtain will provide perfect privacy while also being able to be adjusted according to needs. Sliding Glass Window from @gimssong_

16 snapinsta.app_329379254_3331302727123643_4450538721751018633_n_1080

Choosing to position the bed in front of the window is an interesting idea. In this way your bedroom will get perfect sunlight without disturbing the sleeping occupants. Window with Trellis from @gimssong_

17 snapinsta.app_337713444_758614482533515_1844642626050877946_n_1080

In front of a window is the perfect place to place a bed. With this position, your face will not be exposed to direct sunlight but still get the perfect idea of natural lighting. Open Windows from @architeckure

18 snapinsta.app_334585012_1980220018993833_4071656047668791279_n_1080

This time you can use windows to provide the perfect lighting idea in your bedroom. Place the bed right in front of this window so it will look perfect and manage to provide comfort. Floor to Ceiling Windows from @architeckure

Beside Windows

Then, the favourite position of bed in the bedroom is beside the windows. You can adjust the way you sleep whether you need to face the windows or let it behind. No need to worry about the position of your television, because the light will not affect the display of your television. This bed position also give enough light to wake you up in the morning.

19 snapinsta.app_35396435_208979969746570_3742193700650876928_n_1080

By positioning the bed next to the window, it’s easier to adjust to your needs. This means you can face the window if you want sunlight and vice versa. White Glass Window from @stephatthecottage

20 snapinsta.app_336969804_156055770357301_5058307813085357705_n_1080

The proper position of the bed is next to the window. The reason is by placing the bed next to the window you can adjust it to your needs and mood. White Window with Blind from @modulartess

21 snapinsta.app_338433320_1892339914462956_3613816877094425070_n_1024

Look at this bedroom! The owner placed the bed next to a small glass window. In this way, if you want sunlight you can face the window and vice versa so that many people like it. Small Window from @myalderneyhome

22 snapinsta.app_327043862_184739004322478_8384935689685099743_n_1080

Vertical windows that are right next to the bed will provide natural lighting and also allow you to see the beauty of the outdoors. Therefore placing the bed next to the window is the right idea. Vertical Windows from @japandi.interior

23 snapinsta.app_337677448_584496030283702_5751733506179727906_n_1080

This white nuanced bed is placed beside the glass window. As a result, sunlight can enter directly into the room but you can turn your back if you don’t want sunlight. Black Framed Glass Windows from @magdafornal

24 snapinsta.app_339177600_887309669233840_8888088288422173546_n_1080

This large bed is placed next to a glass window so that will give you an advantage. That is, it will get direct sunlight when you are facing the window. Large Windows from @valvonne

25 snapinsta.app_339673835_1530632267461921_1574615228305257200_n_1080

The right area to place a bed is next to a window. By placing a bed next to the window, it will make the occupants more comfortable. Metal Framed Window from @velvetbrumby

26 snapinsta.app_339347374_634184578536610_6022413295650860254_n_1080

This small bedroom chooses an area next to the window to place the bed. A window that is equipped with a curtain will make it adjustable to your needs. White Framed Window from @liebs_hier

27 snapinsta.app_197594706_126672849555619_5767832952103782464_n_1080

Look at this bedroom! The owner chose to place the bed next to the window. This idea has a goal to be adjusted to the needs of sunlight in your home. White Framed Glass Window from @budget_blinds_official

28 snapinsta.app_248874519_170026661994367_1148562849528807552_n_1080

The window next to the bed will greatly contribute to providing natural lighting in your bedroom area. Located right next to the bed, so that everyone who is lying down can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors through the window. Glass Windows from @the.cabin.at.rockycreek

Windows have necessary part in comforting your bedroom even still there is bedroom which has no window at all. There are also many aspects of consideration about the correlation between bed and windows positions. Any furnitures and room space are also influencing your bedroom model. One thing you should be underlined is the main function of bedroom itself.

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