When you have finished building your bedroom, the arrangement of the furniture should be the interesting part to do. The question in your mind may be appear about where I should put my bed on. Bed is the important furniture where you will spend your sleeping at. To get better sleeping, the bed’s quality is not the only one important point, the position also plays the role.

Facing Windows

The initial thing that you should pay attention before put the bed is windows. When you put the bed facing the windows, it could mean you tend to need more visual spaces. In this case, you may spend a lot to do your activities on your bed. The position will allow you to let the eyes open than sleeping because of the intense light and movement from the outside.


Windows Behind

If you let the windows behind your bed, it means you need safe sleeping. You let the outside light get in through your windows, but not directly shining your face. This position will bother you if you need television in your bedroom. When you put television facing your bed, the display should be disturbed by the light from the outside windows.


Beside Windows

Then, the favourite position of bed in the bedroom is beside the windows. You can adjust the way you sleep whether you need to face the windows or let it behind. No need to worry about the position of your television, because the light will not affect the display of your television. This bed position also give enough light to wake you up in the morning.


Windows have necessary part in comforting your bedroom even still there is bedroom which has no window at all. There are also many aspects of consideration about the correlation between bed and windows positions. Any furnitures and room space are also influencing your bedroom model. One thing you should be underlined is the main function of bedroom itself.

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