If you and your family love to spend quality time in your outdoor space, consider to add pond to your outdoor space. There are many kinds of ponds that you can build in your outdoor space. A minimalist pond is great for your outdoor space and also, you can add some greenery to beautify your space. we’ve gather a bunch of pond designs so maybe you can find something for your own garden below. Source

Contemporary Pond

Contemporary pond

This contemporary pond is a perfect background for fancy goldfishes.

Minimalist Pond for Your Small Urban Garden

Minimalist pond for your small urban garden

To spice the things up to your garden space, this minimalist pond is the best idea for you.

Pond Decoration

Pond with water feature

Do not throw away your driftwood because driftwood is also great idea to beautify your pond.

Simple Fish Pond

Simple fish pond

Beautiful pond is great way to beautify your space and also a great place to relax while enjoying coffee or tea and staring at the fish swimming happily in pond.

Natural Pond

Natural pond

If you have large space, this natural pond is good for you. You can also come up with different size of pond to spice up your outdoor space.

Stone Pavers Pond

Stone pavers pond

This stone paver is great to add natural look to your pond and you can walk around the pond.

Pond with Water Plants

Pond with water plants

A water plant is a great natural filter so you don’t need to add chlorine to your pond.

Small Pond

Small pond

Even your pond is small, this small pond still can make your space more interesting.

Adding Bridge to Your Pond

Adding bridge to your pond

To connect zone in your pond, and also add something interesting to your space, adding wooden bridge is great option.

Modern Pond

Modern pond

Don’t forget to add greenery and stones for your garden fixtures to make your space more beautiful.

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