Only few people have rooftop on their house, but most of them left it with blank space. However, the available of rooftop can be an attractive character of your home. The space on rooftop also could be a privacy place for you to do your activity. Rooftop could be the useful area replacing the ordinary outdoor garden. You can add some functions on your rooftop such as gardening, family meeting, leisure, and many more. Here, there are some references for you who is still left your rooftop with no function.

Swimming Pool

Don’t have wide space to place a swimming pool? Here is how the rooftop plays its part. Many hotels use rooftop for swimming pool to attract their customers. Now, with the available rooftop in your house, you don’t have to go to the hotel to enjoy it. The rooftop pool will give you fantastic view of sky. But, be aware of the weather condition, you should add canopy to protect you from the direct sun light or rain while you are swimming.


The rooftop design which is perfected by the existence of a swimming pool is a new place that you can use to relax. It’s not enough to stop here, this area is also equipped with a wooden deck that you can use comfortably to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. Rooftop Swimming Pool Deck from @lakes_byyoo


A raised pool will also look great on a roof especially if you do it with mosaic tiles for the exterior or the main material used. Use a mosaic tile that is dominated by a bright blue color to make it look brighter when exposed to direct sunlight. Elevated Swimming Pool from @louyorklife


This house allows the owners to relieve their worries and stress in this elongated rooftop pool. Usually this swimming pool can also be used for aquatic sports, synchronized swimming, water polo, and diving, isn’t it more multifunctional? Rectangle Shaped Roof Pool from @laurentrichardot


If you have a roof that is not used for useful activities then consider making it a swimming pool decoration. This way you can swim while enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh outdoor air. Just make a swimming pool design according to the budget you have. Rooftop Pool with Outdoor Vibes from @zest.legian


Another beautiful pool area on the roof which is blessed with a panoramic view of the tall buildings and sky. You can swim and sunbathe in perfect comfort. Scenic Pool on the Roof from @the.globetrotting.shutterbug


If you have gardening as your hobby, you can explore it on your rooftop. With the simple ideas, you can beautify your rooftop. Ornamental plant with pot is the flexible type of plant idea to make an easy placement while decorating your rooftop as garden. Hanging plants are also appropriate to be applied.


There’s nothing wrong with adding a sitting area to your rooftop garden decoration. This is done so that you can garden while relaxing in the cool air or breeze. Try to use outdoor furniture with selected materials that are sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Rooftop Garden with Sitting Area from @thestandarddesigngroup


In order not to do extra maintenance, you can plant low-maintenance plants on the roof area. For example, you can use cactus plants with a variety of different types, you can plant them in several pots with different sizes and materials. Use Low Maintenance Plants from @unseen.nairobi


This planter design with concrete material will be sturdier when used for roof garden decorations. In addition to being sturdy, it also has a large enough size so that it is ready to be used as a roof statement that will never fail to be tried. Statament Concrete Planter from @designinteriorgarden_d.i.g


The garden bed design that is applied to this roof decoration is a smart idea that you can emulate. Now you can use planter beds with wood as the main ingredient so that they don’t corrode easily when exposed to extreme weather outdoors. Grow up plants are highly recommended for you to plant. Wooden Garden Bed from @kellogggarden


The elegant appearance of this garden roof decoration can be used as a comfortable area to relax when you complete it with several sitting areas around it. Blossoming flowers make the rooftop look fresher and more fun. Elegant Rooftop Garden from @urbangreengardens


This could be the most think appear when you decide to use your rooftop. Everyone likes eating but the fantastic atmosphere will complete the happy dining. Plan for two or family will be gaining more interesting experiences on your next dining when you can prepare it on your rooftop. Just wooden table and chair complete with grilled stuff is enough to satisfy your dining experience.


The outdoor living room is perfect for relaxing and entertaining even for enjoying a breezy evening with friends or enjoying the fresh sunshine during the day. Complete with dramatic lighting that makes it usable at night. Elegant Rooftop Garden from @residentdigital


A permanent dining table which is equipped with several chairs is a simple look that you can apply to this year’s roof decoration. This will be a gathering area with family or friends to simply enjoy the dishes that have been cooked. Or you can also prepare barbecue for a more cool atmosphere. Simple Look Dining Furniture from @mehr.von.mia


This outdoor dining area with no chair design has picnic vibes with fresh air that will perfect it. What you can prepare is a low dining table and a few throw pillows as a sitting area. A rug is also ready to be used so that the pillow used does not come into direct contact with the roof floor surface. Piknik Vibes from @santabarbarapicnicco


One dining table combined with two chairs will be a dinner area that is suitable for lovers. Try applying it on the roof area to get a beautiful view and of course avoid the noise of passing vehicles. Romantic Outdoor Dining Table from @pescado30a


The design of the dining table set with chairs dominated by dark color choices is a smart choice for outdoors or roof areas because they don’t get dirty easily when exposed to debris. Cover the bottom of the dining table with a rug that has a bohemian pattern complete with a white pattern so it’s ready to add an elegant atmosphere. Black Matte Dining Table Set from @elderkininteriors

Now, you have amazed yourself with the selected rooftop design from the references above. No need to wait for, you can apply it soon with any budget you have.

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