Whether you are a crafter, DIY-er, sewer or quilt lover, is expected to accumulate lots of fabrics. They can be in bolts or folded into neat squares, fabrics can definitely take up much space in your room. Sometimes, we forget we even have a specific type of fabric because they are buried under a bevy of other fabrics. Great organization is required to keep everything where you can find it when inspiration strikes.

1. Bookcase

First is the easiest and most common method which is a bookcase. You can purchase several of these to store away your fabrics neatly. You can attached a long and narrow bookshelf to the wall for additional storage.

2. Rolled Onto Cardboard

Most of spare fabrics are usually thin enough to be rolled onto cardboards. You can easily arrange these cardboards on your shelves for better organization. If your feeling up to making your own boards, there are some dimensions to get you started over at Quilting Board

3. Wall of Fabrics

With the help of bolts, cardboard tube and twine, your fabrics can be a piece of art on your blank wall.

4. Clean Like Cassette

Fabric storage 4

Source : Tonya Staab

For smaller pieces of material file it away in old cassette tape holders.  Look for them at your local thrift store or garage sales. Now only will you be recycling fabric scraps with this idea, but you will be recycling a piece of musical history.

5. Filing Cabinet

Raise your hand if you have an old file cabinet in your house that is filled with years of no-longer-needed paperwork. Now you can store fabrics in them. It’s actually pretty nifty to store them this way. Not only can you see your archive of fabric, it also saves a lot of space. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the whole stack of fabric by pulling one piece out.

6. Vertical Drawer

One of the storage solutions in the narrow space is to create a vertical drawer. you can see the tutorial here.

7. Basket Wire

Wire baskets can give you a preview of which fabrics are stored within them. As a bonus, you can also stack them up.

8. Curtain Rod

If you don’t have room for a large storage cabinet, you might try this creative fabric storage idea. Using a curtain rod on the wall and strung curtain rings (with clips) to hang the fabric. The fabric is folded lengthwise into uniform panels and sorted in rainbow order. Thing to look out that you should always hang the curtain rod into your wall studs, or else the weight of the fabric may cause it to fall. In addition to having fewer wrinkles than folded fabric, this storage solution serves as colorful wall art.

9. Pants Hangers

This is a fabulous idea to hang fabrics with 5 layered pant hangers because it’s fast, efficient and super easy to make happen. Imagine how fun it would be to open up a closet door and finger through fabrics like choosing an outfit. You can even arrange them by color for better organization and to look easier on the eyes.

10. Plastic Tub

Fold your fabrics neatly and store them in stackable plastic tubs. You may also keep the cotton fabrics in one tub, the linens in another, and so on.

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