Living in a small house needs more creativity to gain more space as well. You have to be more creative in order to gain more space as well as feel comfortable towards your tiny house. At the aim of using staircase that usually need more space, you can choose one of these staircase ideas for your house.

  1. Stairs And Storage The Best Combo


This stairs is a perfect combination of stairs and shelves. The interesting design of this staircase provides new style at your house. It is easy for saving books and helps you to go up loft.

  1. Bookcase Ladder Style


Tremendous staircase design gives you more benefits. You can use a ladder which is combined with a bookcase to go to loft. Take the advantages of saving books while going upstairs by a ladder.

  1. Staircase Combined With Desk And Storage Space


Another staircase design has two major functions, storage and shelving. It uses black steel and oak which great geometric design which will be fit to a tiny house. Try this for a beautiful room to make it more comfortable.

  1. Dwelling With Shop By Alts Design Office


Look at this wonderful design which will bring you to your lovely bed. You can put many goods under the stair which will look as shelves. Here it is, one of the best staircase designs for your tiny room with fantastic look.

  1. Dutch Architects Combine Couch And Stairs


A modern style of staircase with triple duty designs for you. Here, at the first step you will find sofa with built-inside table. More, you can see a clever integrated storage underneath to save your goods.

  1. Retro Spiral Staircase


This beautiful and graceful design will be a perfect style for a tiny corner. You will not only being easy to move upstairs but will be given a sophisticated look at your room. It is an extremely wonderful style for your tiny room, isn’t it?

  1. Stair Camden Loft Stairs Design


Do you need more storage to save your books? Stair Camden Loft Stairs Design is what you need for it. It gives you storage for saving the goods you have while becoming the staircase to go up as well.

  1. Mezzanine Lighting Stairs


Amazing look for a tiny room perfectly shows by this staircase design. The lighting that is put over the top makes the room seem elegant. The stairway to go bed eases you more when you want to fall sleep soon.

  1. Built In Stairs TV Shelf


Living room is a place for you to get more entertained after having work. While here you can see the staircase which also functions as shelves to save your books. The harmony between staircases and shelves will be in one unity through this design.

  1. Storage Stairs


Get ready to make the combination of small and big drawers underneath of staircase to go up. Here, you are helped to gain extra storage without need more space. A simple style but give you more benefit.


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