Moving to college and starting a new life away from home is a thrilling experience. That’s when you can make your living space your own. The dormitory room is a student sanctuary. After a day surrounded by friends, students and roommates, your dry body wants to return to a warm and cozy room. One way to do this is to decorate your dorm room with style, making it a place that allows your mind to relax and unwind.

1. Simple Room

Dorm room 1

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If you want to play safe in decorating your dorm room, you can use a white tone and a touch of decoration. Besides making your room look elegant, the white color makes the room feel wider and brighter.

2. Boho Chic

Dorm room 2

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If you’re into the boho chic look, opt for a shaggy blanket and an assortment of throw pillows to decorate your bed. Add a mandala tapestry and adorn your walls with some of your favorite wall prints. This boho dorm decor provides a bright space filled with cultural accents for you to snuggle up in.

3. Lady Boos Room

Dorm room 3

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You are a tough yet feminine girl, then a gray palette will reinforce your hard side. But it will be softened with a girly accent from a pink pillow and metallic decoration. The motivational poster will keep you above everything while a soft cushion will make you fall asleep.

4. Divide by Curtain

Dorm room 4

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Affix a sheer curtain to separate the “bedroom” from the remaining areas of a small space. Here, a storage-savvy side table helps further emphasize the confines of the living room or your roommate’s space.

5. Green Thumbs

Dorm room 5

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If you are really trying to bring a good vibe to your dorm decor, then try to adding some plants. They are proven to make you feel good, and the green adds a nice pop of color. Add some nature inspiration to your room with floral bed sheet and artificial flower.

6. Around The World

Dorm room 6

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Looking to adventure across the world but are currently stuck in your dorm? No worries, we have got a look for that. The wanderlust look can inspire you to continue to strive towards those big traveling dream of yours, even when you’re cooped up in your dorm!

7. Black and White

Dorm room 7

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Some people think all black and white is a pretty basic, boring look. But not in this case. Kick your idea of “basic” up a notch with this trendy monochrome vibe.These two colors are one’s that will never go out of style. No matter how old you are, you will find black and white implemented into designs and colors wherever you go.

8. Preppy Indie

Dorm room 8

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If you’re up for a little mix and match, then this preppy indie look may make more for some great dorm room decor inspiration. A clean monogrammed style topped with some indie vibes is a unique way to set the tone.

9. Summer Breeze

Dorm room 9

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The beach is a sanctuary for a lot of different people. This room is perfect for a girl who can’t stay out of the sun. Nothing reminds us of summer more than palm trees, the ocean and cute pineapples.

10. Rustic Room

Dorm room 10

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Whether your college is located in the countryside or a city center, combining woodsy details with cabin-worthy furnishings will create a picture perfect refuge for the wild-at-heart. Design your dorm room to listen back to simpler times with rustic elements like raw woods, natural fabrics, and vintage-inspired details.

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