Beautify your house with some plants that will fresh your air. Let us plant some planters which only need small space. Then, it is important to choose planter which are easy to be cared every day. These ten adorable low growing bedding plants may be suitable for your space.

  1. Peace Lily


When the top of the soil is already dry you have to water it soon. Give medium to low light only to make it grows beautiful. Put this beautiful modern plant to your desk.

  1. Jade Plant


Jade plant is only need to be watered every few days after the soil already dried. Then, it needs medium light to grow.  The deep green leaves make your day more wonderful.

  1. Dragon Tree


A modern pot will be the best choice for this plant. Be careful! You have to put this plant far from direct sunlight. Choose the place which is some sun and some shade to keep it life.

  1. Aloe Vera


This is one of the best bedding plants for you. It is not only good for your skin and hair but also be a nice plant to be put on a high pot. This plant loves sun while only needs water once a week.

  1. Calatheas


Choose a white pot to show the beautiful color of this plant. Avoid direct sun light to make the leaves grow beautiful. Keep the soil in order to not wet as well as not dry.

  1. Cactus Planter


Don’t really worry while plant this cactus. This only need natural light and can defense on direst sun light as well. You can water these plants in once a week. Just choose the small variety of cactus to be put on your lovely desk.

  1. Weeping Fig


This is smart choice to fulfill your space at living room. It needs a bright place but not direct sun light. A simple pot will be suitable for this plant which has many leaves.

  1. Snake Plant


With easy care level, you can put this plant at an empty corner of your house. Just water this plant when the soil already dries. It is good for you who like a simple plant but interesting.

  1. Staghorn Fern


This is the most beautiful plant which can be created in unique display. Moderate moisture and low to medium light will make this plant alive and beautify your empty room. If you live in an apartment, this plant will be a good choice for you.

  1. Chinese Money Plants


This plant has round leaves which will make dramatic impression toward your room. Don’t worry for watering, because this plant only needs little water. On the other word, this plant will still life in drench and dry soil though you don’t water it till some weeks.


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