10 Lovely Lush Pool and Pool House Design Ideas

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It’s more than just swimming in a clean pool. The existence of a swimming pool in the backyard or hillside home can be a very nice space to have. Even you enjoying the warmth of fireplace with a lovely view of the pool by providing cozy couches there. If you like listening to the clatter of water, the addition of mini waterfall is also an interesting idea. Are you curious? Let’s check the ideas bellow.

  1. Nice Look of Wooden Pool

1. wooden pool
Source : Homes Feed

Presenting natural beauty is a smart way to create a beautiful pool. The use of wood as the deck make it looks like a unique bathtub.

  1. Combination of Pool with Some Low Waterfalls

2. combination pool and stone waterfall in backyard
Source : Idolza

In this design you can also entertain your guests with a more relaxed time.

  1. Combination of Pool with Garden in Backyard

3. combination of pool with garden in backyard
Source : Educard.info

Relaxing at the backyard at dusk while enjoying the beauty of the garden and the pool is a soothing moment.

  1. Mini Pool with Gazebo

4. mini pool with gazebo
Source : Decoist

To have a lovely lush pool, you can combine it with garden and gazebo in your backyard. It benefits to shade and also nice to create a fascinate view.

  1. Small Pool Around Lush Trees

5. cute pool in backyard
Source : Decoist

For those of you who like nature, a cute pool design with wooden deck would be very suitable to be around the lush trees. You can enjoy its luxury by providing some comfortable couches there.

  1. Modern Pool with Fireplace

6. modern pool with fireplace
Source : Mapo House and Cafetaria

Enjoying quality time with family around the pool with a fireplace will be a very pleasant moment. The addition of some lanterns and pastel colors on the sofa create a modern look.

  1. Cute Rounded Pool

7. cute rounded pool
Source : CrossbarWarrington.com

In creating a lovely pool at your home, rounded design can be a choice. Even you can use the terrace space to create it.

  1. Lovely Pool with Bricks Waterfall

8. brick waterfall with pool
Source : Idolza

Natural waterfall look you can create by arranging some bricks on the pool. You’ll get both of waterfall music and the nice view on the pool.

  1. Combination of Outdoor View and Indoor Pool

9. indoor pool
Source : Architecture.DM

This idea is also interesting to create, a combination of outdoor view and indoor pool. It can be created by providing large windows and skylight to allow the lush of trees view to be seen as you swim indoor.

  1. Classic Style Swimming Pool

10. classic style swimming pool
Source : Interior Design Ideas

A rectangular pool with table and some chairs to enjoy tea time with family is a classic style that is interesting to have.

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