Easter has come! it’s time for styling your console for Easter. Maybe you like to decorate the entryway, living room for Easter it must be fun to do. Indeed, eggs will be everywhere during Easter, whether those are ornament or real eggs, it would be great to celebrate Easter. Let’s check the ways you can do with eggs in this season.

Chalkboard with Eggs

Blackboard with eggs

Placing a chalkboard in the middle with various size of eggs is nice to create. You can place some eggs in a jar and also on a tray to have nice look. Click here for more pictures and ideas.

Flowers with Eggs

Blooms with eggs

Real eggs can be some unique ornaments to be placed near by fresh flowers. Besides, providing some fresh flowers benefit to make a good smell and freshness in the room.

Blooms with Egg Tree

Blooms with tree eggs

Creating an egg tree is a nice idea to do for Easter. Soon, people will know that it’s about Easter.

Colorful Eggs

Colorful egg

Branches full of colorful eggs is so adorable to place in front of mirror. The reflective of the mirror is useful to create beautiful view during Easter.

Eggs in a Jar

Eggs in jar

For this idea, a jar filled with colorful eggs will be an important point to style your console in this season.

Eggs with Candles

Eggs with candles

Glittering eggs are so beautiful around the candles. The existence of eggs seem the dominant ornament that make the console looks stylish.

Egg Wreath

Eggs wreath

Other cute ways to style your console is making egg wreath. Usually a wreath is made by greenery, but for this season by using egg is best to have unique and creative console for Easter.

Nest with Eggs

Nest with eggs

Presenting a nest with eggs on it is an interesting idea to style your console. The theme is the nature for Easter, the greenery and bunny make your console look very natural.

Original article and pictures by DigsDigs

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