Do you feel crazy with your awkward kitchen? That always becomes a problem for people who work at the kitchen. Where they should put their kitchen iron sets without making messy anywhere. Here, you have to think over to look deeper on your kitchen. Is there any empty place for storing your iron stuffs? Here are some inspiring ways to save your kitchen iron stuffs to make your kitchen tidier;

1. Super Duper Organizer

Super duper organizer

It is a convenient wire rack holder. You can put pots go upfront, while pans go in the back. Other stuffs like lids can be put on the top. What a great cabinet with for your tidy kitchen.

2. Use Nifty Rail

Use a nifty rail

Let use your wall next to the stove to save your iron kitchen stuffs. With simple step, you can put pans, pots, and lids at the wall. But, you have to prepare S-hooks and rails for making iron kitchen saver.

3. Hang Them In Your Pantry

Hang them on your pantry

If you like to make your kitchen accessories tidier it will better for you to hang them on the wall. This is not only safe but also give aesthetic value to your pantry. Hang on your kitchen iron stuff there and see how wonderful they are.

4. Decorate Your Back Splash

Decorate your backsplash

Make your kitchen iron stuffs are easy to be reached by putting them on the back splash. You can see your pants, pots, lids, spatula, and soon at their places. It looks like art than kitchen storage, right?

5. Hang Vintage Ladder

Hang a vintage ladder

Have you ever thing that a ladder can be useful for your kitchen? Here, that can be storage for kitchen iron stuffs. Let see lids, pots, and pans that are hanged over the desk. That will be nice for you who have wide kitchen.

6. Divide Deep Drawer

Divide a deep drawer

Make your drawer as a place for saving your iron stuffs. You only need some plywood to create cubbies for dividing the place to put pots, pans, and lids. It will avoid your stuff being fails because of overlapping.

7. Reclaim Corner Cabinets

Reclaim corner cabinets

The corner side of your kitchen cabinet is usually bigger than other parts. So, it can be transformed into kitchen iron sets storage. Just make some hanger for hanging your pants, pots, lids, spatula, and soon.

8. Use Pegboard

Use a pegboard

Do you have one side of wall that is empty at your kitchen? It can be modified to become kitchen iron sets storage. It looks pretty and tidy then gives you wonderful view. With this modern look storage, you will love your kitchen more than before.


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