Greenhouse is not only beautiful but useful for our house. Unfortunately, not all people has large space to fill their garden with greenhouse. But, you don’t have to worry, because you can make mini greenhouse at your house. Here are eight inspiring mini greenhouse for small space that you try;

1.     Mason Jar Greenhouse



It doesn’t need much cost. A simple way of making mini greenhouse that will make you surprise. You can plant Rosemary or Lavender at this jar. This mini greenhouse will be match to your small space at one side of your room.

2.     CD Spindle Case Greenhouse



You can use CD spindle to make a mini greenhouse. Find a pot and fill with soil and compost then you can plant some seeds. Cover the pot with CD spindle. It is great and simple; you can take it as a craft as well.

3.     Mini Greenhouse Recyclable Plastic Container



It is amazing mini greenhouse that can be made by anyone in this world. Just take a recyclable plastic container and fill with soil, water, and compost. You can make this mini greenhouse like the picture with some plastic inside, but you can let it without plastic as well. Put some seeds and let it grow. It can be put inside or outside.

4.     Greenhouse from Pallet



This mini greenhouse should be put outside, because the plants need sunrise to grow up. First you need a pallet. Cover it with plastic. Put some plants inside that already put on a pot. Don’t forget to water it regularly.

5.     Umbrella Greenhouse



Your house will be more beautiful by umbrella greenhouse. Just prepare a bubble umbrella and don’t forget to cut the handle of the umbrella, it needs multiple times to do. After that you need a big pot with the planter in it. Cover the pot with the umbrella.

6.     Miniature Greenhouse from Old Windows

Miniature greenhouse from old windows


If you have changed your window design with the new one, don’t throw the old one. It can be transformed into a mini greenhouse that looks beautiful. It will need more time but give you the best result as well. Just do it at weekend and see what you have done is wonderful.

7.     CD Cases Greenhouse



Do you have roses or other flowers? It will be a nice idea if you save your lovely planter inside a greenhouse. You can use some old CD cases to be transformed into a DIY greenhouse. Of course, it need more time but you it’s one of the best DIY mini greenhouse for you.

8.     Photo Frame Greenhouse



Have a great weekend by making photo frame greenhouse. You can ask your child to make this mini greenhouse together. They will learn how to make a craft with you. This is fun and useful for holiday activity.

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