Let see how impressive your wedding ceremony for you and your guests. It is a must, to make your wedding day become the most beautiful day or your life. Shabby chic wedding garden is one of the best choices for having an astonishing design for you. Here are some wedding garden designs that will purify your wedding sacred ritual.

1.Wedding Flower Wall

Wedding flower wall

The one who come to someone’s wedding party usually like to take a picture. Then, this wedding flower wall may be the best choice for all your family members for taking picture. It is romantic and sweet. Let your guests enjoy this wedding flower wall also.

2.Vintage Santa Barbara Garden Wedding

Vintage santa barbara garden wedding

This is beautiful for your wedding ceremony. With white and cream hues this place looks more charming. See how sacred your ceremony is by doing that ritual under this hue.           

3. Gorgeous Wedding Outdoor Tables

Gorgeous wedding outdoor tables

Let your family and friends enjoy the meal at this beautiful table design. They will love this romantic atmosphere while drinking champagne or eating fruits. Make your wedding day is the best day for your family and friends.

4. Hay Bales for a Shabby Chic Garden Party

Hay bales for a shabby chic wedding party

Another design for garden wedding party can be seen through the usage of hay bales. Look! It is a perfect design for a romantic night. Just ask the bride and bridegroom to dance and all family will see their happiness.

5. Outdoor Shabby Chic Wedding String Lights

Outdoor shabby chic wedding string lights

Lighting your wedding party at night will not be a problem any longer if you take this design. With battery operated and solar powered string light, your wedding party will be more beautiful. For you who like to see a romantic season for your wedding, try this!

6. Decorated Wood Arch with Long Veils and Floral Composition

Decorated wood arch with long veils and floral composition

Let your wedding day be more meaningful by using decorated arch with long white veils and some flowers. This design mark that your wedding will be wonderful and hopefully will be last forever. White is a symbol of purity.

7. Hanging Wedding Flowers

Hanging wedding flowers

Outdoor party will close to natural design. The use of hanging wedding flower shows more natural beauty without make it looks old. See this beauty at your wedding party and make your guest more comfort.

8. Hanging Bubble Candle Holders

Hanging bubble candle holders

Hanging bubble candle holders will make your wedding more impressive. This garden party design will take more time but give you wonderful result. Then, see all your guest will feel how happy you are at your wedding day.


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