Mailboxes are the first feature people see when they enter your property. Keep your curb appeal to look fresh and exciting by trying out some of our new ideas for stylish and practical mailboxes.

Paint It

Mailbox ideas 1

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Give a personal touch to your mailbox by painting it according to what you want. Besides painting it, you can also be creative with decoupage or just paint with your favorite color.

Your Friendly Neighbor

Mailbox ideas 2

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A joyful mailbox can share smiles with your neighbors and passing pedestrians. Something simple, positive, can change everything.

One Fine Wine

Mailbox ideas 3

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This classic wine barrel brings some instant curbside class. The wooden sides allow it to be easily mounted to any post and will let it age like a fine wine.

Elegant Mailbox

Mailbox ideas 4

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You can choose this style of mailbox, which has a planter behind your current mailbox and also a newspaper pocket with your home number. The black color makes it look elegant, give a bright flower color to show the beauty.

Climbing Mail

Mailbox ideas 5

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Add a trellis and let climbing vines grow up the side of your mailbox for added visual appeal.

License Plates

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Old license plates are built to stand up to harsh weather, so they are the perfect building blocks for a personalized, homemade mailbox. Simply salvage 5-6 old number plates, preferably, plates of different states, and embellish your classic mailbox carefully. It can mark the presence of many businesses or simply the home of a car enthusiast, a car nut.

Mail and Number

Mailbox ideas 7

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A small landmark can be simple yet elegantly noticeable, it can wear your street number too and it will certainly boost your curb appeal.

Green Thumbs

Mailbox ideas 8

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This mailbox is modified with shaped like a house planter. On either side of the actual mailbox are square planters that are filled with succulents. If you’d like, paint the house to look just like yours, or get the kids to create a dream home.

Crayon Mailbox

Mailbox ideas 9

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Make a new look in your mailbox by giving “color” around it. Keep your mailbox save with colorful “crayons” for an artsy and attractive look.

Wagon Wheel

Mailbox ideas 10

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The wagon wheel is a great investment for the country look on your mailbox. Have the wagon wheel instead of wooden posts and you can immediately enjoy the countryside atmosphere of your mailbox.

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