If you already designed your front and back yard, it is time for you to give more attention towards your side yard. Though it’s not a wide area, but you have to pay attention to this part as well. The side yard will be a nice place to spend your afternoon after working along day. Here are some side yard design ideas to try;

Pool for Side Yard

Pool for side yard

The idea of providing fresh look at the side yard will be actualized by having a beautiful pool. The side yard looks more beneficial by this idea. You can make it as fish pool to keep your favorite fish such as clown fish, lion fish, mandarin fish, and many more.

Gate for Side Yard Garden

Gate for side yard garden

Show your privacy by using a gate on your side yard garden. It will make your house more secure. Beautify the side by adding some path goes to backyard. It seems like a drama scene, isn’t it?

Modern Look Side Yard

Modern look side yard

Make a small garden at your side yard by planting some green plant. It makes your house look fresh. Put pathway is a good idea to make your house friendlier to your guest.

Potting Station Side Yard

Potting station side yard

Putting some pot at your side yard will make a messy style. Keep your plant grows up and cut it whenever it goes too long. The pathway made from wooden stick will cause aesthetic values to make your house more wonderful.

Flower Garden Side Yard

Flower garden side yard

Do you want to have more flowers at house? Your side yard is a perfect location for planting any kinds of flowers. You can plant small flower or the climbing planter to make your house more natural.

Interesting Path Materials

Interesting path materials

Look at this side yard garden! The mix of concrete squares and smooth stones give you a modern touch with little maintenance. It only need little water to make the grass still alive.

Sweet Side Yard Garden

Sweet side yard garden

This is another style using gate which looks sweet for your wide side yard garden. The colorful flowers with the pathway made from bricks are a perfect combination of a country look. You will be happy seeing some butterflies fly over this beautiful garden.

Relaxing Side Yard

Relaxing side yard

Have a great afternoon with your spouse at this side yard design. You can sit with your family member to enjoy the season while reading your favorite book. Enjoy your family time at your side yard every day.

Overhead Lighting Side Yard

Overhead lighting side yard

A perfect side yard for you who like to enjoy me time. Here, you can read a book, writing poems, or listening to the music you like every time. The light overhead will make your night brighter.


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