There are many ideas to decorate the kitchen, one of which is to make a herb garden. Indoor herb gardens create functional, personal and pleasant atmosphere at home. Herb gardens provide so many benefits. They purify the air in your home, give you fresh herbs all year round which make your meals taste so fresh and of course and add a little green life to your kitchen. It is important that the plants get enough light and water and are sown at the appropriate season.

Curtain Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 1

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Using curtain hardware and wooden rods, you can rigged a vertical herb garden in front of your kitchen window without lose any counter space at all. pour your creations with a personal touch on clay pots. You can color it whatever you like, draw it or just write the name of the herbs you planted.

Hanging Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 2

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There are many options to create a hanging garden in your kitchen, you can create the most appropriate to your kitchen. Our favorite is this hanging garden. Drift wood gives the impression of vintage to this kitchen. Use a jute or rope to amplify the impression of vintage touch.

Suction Them to The Window Glass

Kitchen herbs garden 3

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These planters are the perfect size for mini herbs. They ensure that the plants get the light they need. Also, if you keep them in the kitchen, you’ll always have fresh herbs right within reach.

Mason Jar Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 4

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mason jar is a very versatile thing. whether you want to put, hang or mount on board, they can be a great planter in your kitchen. No herb garden roundup would be complete without one grown in mason jars, right? You will just have to be careful not to over water your herbs since there is no drainage.

Tea Tins Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 5

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If you have a collection of tea cans, you use them as individual pots for your potions. This -of course- will be the things that enliven your kitchen. Be sure to add rocks down if you can not add drainage holes.

Teacup Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 6

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Maybe you think that the usual terracotta pots are not good enough for you. Go find a set of teacups at your local thrift store and give your herbs a pretty place to grow, or you can repurposed your broken teacup as a planter.

Tin Can Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 7

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Repurpose all those aluminum cans that end up in your recycling bin by making them as planters. Give a touch of art by painting them. You can also invite your children to draw it. This is a good way to introduce about the plants around them.

Tiered Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 8

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Using tier planter allows you to plant more herbs. Another idea that you can use as a substitute for tier is to use lazy susan or tray. Tier make it easier for you to move them from one place to another.

Milk Bottle Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 9

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This is a great plastic recycle idea. Not just milk bottles that can be recycled into this, bottles of cleaning fluid can do as well. Just remember to make sure they are really clean before using them as planters.

Chalkboard Vertical Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 10

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Another way to use your wall space is with a vertical garden planter. Make sure you plant the herbs that need the most water toward the bottom since runoff from the others will filter down. You can actually buy this chalkboard version, but we’re guessing it would be a simple DIY project as well.

Self Watering Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 11

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This low-maintenance DIY planter is a great idea for busy people. If you’re going to make wine bottle glasses anyway, this is the perfect way to use the tops. Then all you have to do is occasionally add water to the bottom jar. Others option beside wine bottle are drinking bottle or mason jar.

PVC Garden

Kitchen herbs garden 12

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Inspired by hydroponics, you can also take advantage of existing PVC pipe. Do not have PVC? do not worry, you can replace it with gutter. You can make it hanged or even make it a graded hanging planter.

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