Everybody owns coat. It will help you so much when the weather seems cool. As an everyday necessary, coat must be put on a place which is easy to be reached. Then, you need to have coat hanger to save your coat and take it easily whenever you need it. Here, we have excellent coat hanger ideas that may be help you to keep your coat.

Animal Coat Rack

Animal coat rack


What you need to make this cute coat hanger is animal toys, small hack saw, glue, ruler, pencil, paint, and scrap wood. Cut your animal toys in half with hand saw. Arrange them on the wood block. Use glue to adhere it.

Driftwood Wall Hanger

Driftwood wall hanger


By using driftwood, you can make it as a coat hanger which will help you to store your bag as well. With its simple design you can make it by yourself. Put this driftwood wall hanger at the wall beside your door or in the room you like.

Letter Coat Rack DIY



You have to prepare wire pliers, wire cutters, heavy metal wire which should be difficult to bend, tape, and fishing wire. Decide what you want to say for your letter coat rack later. Shape it and hang on the wall beside your bedroom or anywhere as you need.

Entrance Hallway Coat Rack

Entrance hallway coat rack


This coat rack is good to be placed at small cottage. Beadboard wallpaper which already paint in white color is good to be used for this entrance hallway. Add some hooks to be used as coat hanger or any things you want to hang over with this simple rack.

DIY Coat Rack Original Name Design



This coat rack design shows the hooks with name. You need to have basic carpentry skills in order to make this coat rack easily. But, don’t worry it doesn’t rewire much time and cost. This coat rack looks elegant to be placed at the hall way.

Screwdriver Coat Rack

Screwdriver coat rack


Just use screwdrivers that are reclaimed and refurbished. Prepare a wooden plan than make a hole on it. After that, you can arrange one by one the screwdrivers you have prepared before. This coat rack is so much useful to put on coat, bags, hat, or anything you have.

Pretty Autumn Coat Rack

Pretty autumn coat rack


The use of knobs is not only for door but also can be as coat rack. With the variety of knobs there, this autumn coat rack looks pretty. You can hang your fall coat, hat, bags, or may be tie. Make sure this is one of your DIY projects this weekend.

Lego Coat Rack

Lego coat rack


You need to have skill of carpentry to make this unique coat rack. The way of making this coat rack is by imitating the shape of real Lego in a plain wood. It looks modern and eye catching because of the colorful appearance.

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